• Parent panel does not invalidate width correctly in the spawn menu
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Hello, I was updating my Track assembly and I wanted to add some buttons for direct convar control. The idea is to create 3 more buttons to each slider for controlling the sign, flip and reset of each value   asmlib.SetButtonSlider(CPanel,gsToolPrefL.."nextrol",-gnMaxOffRot, gnMaxOffRot,7,     asmlib.GetPhrase("tool."..gsToolNameL..".nextrol_con"), asmlib.GetPhrase("tool."..gsToolNameL..".nextrol"),       {{Text="+ | -", Click=function()           local nV = asmlib.GetAsmVar("nextrol", "FLT")           RunConsoleCommand(gsToolPrefL.."nextrol",-nV) end},        {Text="< | >", Click=function()           local nV = asmlib.GetAsmVar("nextrol", "FLT")           RunConsoleCommand(gsToolPrefL.."nextrol",asmlib.GetSign(nV)*180) end},        {Text="> 0 <", Click=function()           RunConsoleCommand(gsToolPrefL.."nextrol",0) end}}) This creates a child panel that is "cPanel:AddItem(pPanel)"-ED to the tool panel "cPanel": function SetButtonSlider(cPanel,sVar,nMin,nMax,nDec,sDsc,sTip,tBtn)   local pPanel = vguiCreate("DPanel"); if(not IsValid(pPanel)) then     LogInstance("Panel invalid"); return nil end   pPanel:SetParent(cPanel)   pPanel:InvalidateLayout(true)   LogInstance("Panel OK")   local sX = pPanel:GetWide()   local vX, vY = pPanel:GetSize()   print("SetButtonSlider", vX, vY)   print("SetButtonSlider", pPanel:GetWide(), cPanel:GetWide())   local sY, pY, dX, dY, mX = 50, 0, 2, 2, 10   pPanel:SetSize(sX, sY); pY = dY   pPanel:SetVisible(true)   if(IsTable(tBtn) and tBtn[1]) then     local nBtn, iCnt = #tBtn, 1     local wB, hB = ((sX - ((nBtn + 1) * dX)) / nBtn), 20     local bX, bY = dX, pY     while(tBtn[iCnt]) do local vBtn = tBtn[iCnt]       local pButton = vguiCreate("DButton"); if(not IsValid(pButton)) then         LogInstance("Button["..iCnt.."] invalid"); return nil end       LogInstance("Button["..iCnt.."] OK")       pButton:SetParent(pPanel)       pButton:SetText(tostring(vBtn.Text))       if(vBtn.Tip) then pButton:SetTooltip(tostring(vBtn.Tip)) end       pButton:SetPos(bX, bY)       pButton:SetSize(wB, hB)       pButton.DoClick = vBtn.Click       pButton:SetVisible(true)       bX, iCnt = (bX + (wB + dX)), (iCnt + 1)     end; pY = pY + (dY + hB)   end   local pSlider = vguiCreate("DNumSlider"); if(not IsValid(pSlider)) then     LogInstance("Slider invalid"); return nil end   LogInstance("Slider OK")   pSlider:SetParent(pPanel)   pSlider:SetPos(0, pY)   pSlider:SetSize(sX-2*dX, sY-pY-dY)   pSlider:SetText(tostring(sDsc))   if(sTip) then pSlider:SetTooltip(tostring(sTip)) end   pSlider:SetMin(nMin)   pSlider:SetMax(nMax)   pSlider:SetDecimals(nDec)   pSlider:SetDark(true)   pSlider:SetConVar(sVar)   pSlider:SetVisible(true)   cPanel:AddItem(pPanel)   return pPanel end When the game loads it outputs: SetButtonSlider    64    24 SetButtonSlider    64    16 The log outputs:   155 [30-12-18 14:58:07] CLIENT > TRACKASSEMBLY [LUA] SetButtonSlider: Panel OK   156 [30-12-18 14:58:07] CLIENT > TRACKASSEMBLY [LUA] SetButtonSlider: Button[1] OK   157 [30-12-18 14:58:07] CLIENT > TRACKASSEMBLY [LUA] SetButtonSlider: Button[2] OK   158 [30-12-18 14:58:07] CLIENT > TRACKASSEMBLY [LUA] SetButtonSlider: Button[3] OK   159 [30-12-18 14:58:07] CLIENT > TRACKASSEMBLY [LUA] SetButtonSlider: Slider OK This means that all panels are created correctly, however the spawn menu looks like this how_it_behaves.jpg As you see the buttons are squashed, because when the game loads, it reports to my script that the panel is 64 pixels wide instead of about: (5.8 centimeters) * (1900 resolution width) / (41 gmod window size in centimeters) = 268.780487805 pixels. When hard-coding the value I got the following: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PtMlljNwbdqxF0vAvaKa_Zm5gs_HpR2G/view?usp=sharing When I opened the context menu I saw a slight offset on the right ( BLUE ): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cjkL-9YNIJLOHjvjhLPsA4lZTSUjsrUC/view?usp=sharing How can I take the actual width of the parent panel "pPanel" and make the three buttons look the same in the context menu and the spawn menu without the offset in blue ?
I tried "DSizeToContents" instead of a regular panel, where the position and size are inherited and the result is like this: all_options_no_resize.jpg The object is still not resizable when you drag the TOOL menu around.
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