• Crashing issue when launching the game
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Hello i in need of assistance. Every time i launch the game about 1 minute in no matter singlepalyer on the main menu or in multiplayer i will crash to desktop. It hast been working for a while but worked yesterday and now today it back to the same issue. I have already tried uninstalling all addons unsubscribing in steam and deleted them via file explorer. Restart my pc / shut it down , verified cashe , and finally uninstalled and reinstalled. I have space available on my pc so that doesn't seem to be the issue. Any help would be great. This it the crash file hl2_181215_crash_2018_12_30T20_44_26C0.mdmp
Have you tried waiting for your workshop downloads to finish before starting a game?
i have no workshop addons and when i did even if i did wait it still would crash
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