• Missing map error
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I always have this problem with missing map. It always kicks me out when I downloaded the half of the map. I'm hosting a TTT Server in krypton Networks at the moment and they also said they setted it up and they already checked the server.cfg But well there must be a problem with this because fastdl should automatically download the maps. This is my server.cfg log on hostname "---------" //DO NOT DEFINE RCON PASSWORD HERE. THERE CURRENTLY IS A GMOD EXPLOIT WHICH CAN RETRIEVE YOUR SERVER.CFG sv_loadingurl           "http://www.quantusgaming.nn.pe/teeload/load.php?steamid=%s" sv_downloadurl "http://ldn-node-5.kryptonnetworks.co.uk/cf5c32bd-7b63-4179-874a-d7dd2fa1fd71/garrysmod" sv_allowdownload        0 sv_allowupload          0 sv_lan                  "0" sv_region               "255" sv_max_queries_sec      "5" sv_max_queries_sec_global "30000" sv_max_queries_window   "45" sv_password "" sv_region 255 sv_logbans 0 sv_logecho 0 sv_logfile 1  sv_log_onefile 0 sv_noclipspeed 5 sv_noclipaccelerate 5 net_maxfilesize 30 sv_minrate 0 sv_maxrate 0 decalfrequency 10  sv_maxupdaterate 66  sv_minupdaterate 10  ttt_postround_dm 1 ttt_firstpreptime 30 ttt_posttime_seconds 25 ttt_preptime_seconds 20 ttt_detective_min_players 5 ttt_round_limit 20 ttt_time_limit_minutes 90 ttt_traitor_pct 0.30 // execute ban files exec banned_ip.cfg  exec banned_user.cfg Thanks for helping me!
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