• Gmod not enough memory error
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I have played Gmod for a long time and I should be able to play normally but when I try to join this new server that I have never played before it crashes my game after loading in and it sais Lua Panic! Something went horribly wrong! "not enough memory". When I get onto the server my gmod memory on my task manager goes up by a lot and then my gmod crashes I am not sure how to fix this please send suggestions.
The server uses too many addons probably. I guess the server runs on 32 bit, so does your gmod. otherwise i would recommend to use gmods 64 bit version
cant seem to choose the 64 bit test version anymore in steam. Atleast I can‘t. Also servers are always running on 32 bit. 64 bit isn‘t better at all and breaks many addons because they are not designed to work with that. @OP If you google that error you are finding like thousands of ppl having same issues, some of them provided fixes that worked for them. first step is always reinstalling/removing all addons and test. You might post a crashdump here aswell.
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