• TTT server lags
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hi, I am having problem on my gmod TTT with lags. When i hit player. net_graph 4 shows that for a second sv instantly drop to ~6 and var icrease to ~60ms. what can i do to solve this problem? server.cfg (tickrate part) //tick sv_timeout 90 sv_minrate 0 sv_maxrate 20000 sv_minupdaterate 16 sv_maxupdaterate 33 sv_mincmdrate 16 sv_maxcmdrate 33 net_graph 4: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/145286/051e7d67-0196-4355-8926-f457a57c4eb0/sv.png
More information to ur server, addons? how many ppl playing?
i am testing the server so there aren't a lot of people. Max 3 normal players +bots (but there are lags with only me and 1 bot) i've got 14 addons right now on server: ulx, ulib, some ulx addonds (scoreboard ranks, chat tags, etc), octagonal hud, ulogs, damagelog. server is running locally at this moment.
What are your specs?
cpu i7 4790k 4ghz ram 8gb ram ddr3 1866 do you need more specs? server is running on hdd but i can try to run it on ssd
ur specs seem to be just fine. Any specific action you do when it lags? Running background programs that are using multiple cores? Gmod only takes one core, meaning if another program goes wild and runs on the same core, you will lag for sure.
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