• BSP protection ?
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how to make a BSP invalid for Single player uses or other server uses n like i want to be able to make the Player and not able to run it on singleplayer or having it for his server .
So what you have to do is to not release the map, and only allow people to play it during LAN parties on computers you own.
no i want it to be released but have the protection option on like have the map specific for a server
Looks like it's not going to then 😎
There is no "protection option" as such, if you put a map on Steam Workshop that will crash or prevent itself from being loaded, it will be banned.
Could do the good old trick of removing entities and using the lump file. The map would still be playable in singleplayer, but ALL entities would be missing, like doors, buttons etc etc
thx your for your reply and idea (i realdy now this option ) , i want a way where the map is provided just for a server to run , no one else can have it (can't have a bsp or working BSP) (at least some people give comment that are attach to the post )
why would you want that? why bother? people will find a way around any protection you impose whether it's because they want it or just to spite you.
people can just decompile your map dude, there is no way around this lol
If I find this map one day, I will personally decompile, fix, and re-release it.
just want to know
;) Can't wait to play it, it sounds fun
Can confirm that no one is safe from decompiling. I've done more than my fair of meme science editing "protected and private" server maps, even those that spam derma screens n shit to try and stop you from using it.
Simply put, you can't. First, removing the entity lump and having it only on the server can cause prediction errors between the client and the server. (It's rare, but I have seen it happen) Second, using lua or map logic to make the map unplayable/only playable on a certain server is incredibly scummy and a great way to deter people from wanting to play on your server. If you don't want other people or servers using your map, don't release it. Simple as that.
can you tell me how to use the second one the map logic thing and thx you
Quit being a skid and either release the map, or don't.
if you not gonna help me, then pleas leave the post i don't need your opinion on what if i want to reals it or not
Ok SiR i'M sOrRy
Send me the map so I can remove the mainframe from the brushes, and then recompile the entity lump into integers.
Please stop trying to add me on steam, I'm not telling you how to prevent your map from being loaded.
k ,(then why did you reply at first place lol)
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