• help with gmod lua script ;-;
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i making a addon when display a text every player spawn if (CLIENT) then     local function PlayerSpawn()          local frame = vgui.Create( "DFrame" )     frame:SetTitle( "HAHA YOU HAVE DIE" )     frame:SetSize(100, 100)     frame:SetPos(500, 215)         frame:MakePopup()     local richtext = vgui.Create( "RichText", frame )     richtext:Dock( FILL )     richtext:InsertColorChange( 255, 64, 64, 255  )     richtext:AppendText( "TRY DON'T DEAD" )     frame:ShowCloseButton( true )     frame:GetDeleteOnClose()     frame:SetMouseInputEnabled( true )     timer.Simple( 5, function() frame:Close() end )              end     end          hook.Add("PlayerSpawn", "PlayerSpawn", PlayerSpawn) BUT don't work ;-; for why don't are working ? plz help '-'
playerspawn is serverside only
"HAHA YOU HAVE DIE" "TRY DON'T DEAD" for why don't are working ? Is this intentionally such a horrible english?
Maybe this will help you, Hastebin
pretty sure your answer is a BIT late...also nice <CODEBLUE> copycat profilepic
oh shit, missclick. Thanks For Saying
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