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Thanks in advanced for taking the time, I have a question about FastDL. My question is, In the past i have owned many servers. Some big, some small but i have never ran a server "without" FastDL. This was around a year or two ago. Now i am getting back into Garry's Mod and i am having to re-learn FastDL. I still understand how to do it, or what steps i took too do it but when i hop on the server, some things don't get loaded properly. I talked with the server hosting i used to see if there was a problem on their end, no luck. I am here seeking a answer to weather FastDL has been updated in the past year to do something i did not expect or if i am doing it wrong somehow. I am using a server hosting that uses "FastDL Sync", when i run it it gathers all of my materials, models, ect and compresses them to the FastDL web server and moves them to garrysmod root folder. After this i place the website in my server.cfg and turn off sv_download. (i dont remember doing that in the past but thats what "tutorials" say) Then i start the server to view a fast load time. BUT WAIT theres a ton of errors in my server log saying something like "Table downloadables is full" i am assuming this is because FastDL can only send so much to a client. I have never had this problem and don't know why it occurs. I have looked this up thousands of times and even talked with support from my server hosting but found no answer. Thanks for any information given. -xTekBlue
The "Table downloadables is full" error means you have way too much content to download on your server which the server can't add to the downloads list. Take a look at the resource.AddFile wiki page, as it says: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1348/6668357a-4d08-4e2c-a1f7-467e80b5288d/image.png As it suggests, and as I personally would also suggest you, instead of using FastDL you should also try setting up workshop downloads. They're normally faster, and depending on where you live the steam workshop servers are probably closer to you than the FastDL server, therefore providing much better downloads (as also the workshop servers isn't just one server, but multiple all around the world). Either that or reduce the amount of addons/content you have on your server.
Ah, thank you so much. I think i might just use workshop, i always thought "FastDL" literally is always faster than workshop because well its in its name.
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