• I think I found some glitches
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I hope this is an appropriate place to post this. I've been messing around with NPC's and Zombies, changing health values, non-zombies usually have some sort of recovering health. Problems: Every so often an NPC decides the concrete is an enemy, and just starts shooting the ground even if there are enemies nearby. It's like the non-existent enemy is the only thing they know about. I'm not adding, removing, or changing any relationships/dispositions with the NPC's that are doing this, not even regarding unused npcs. I have zombies all over the place. I'm noclipping around observing how things are playing out with the scripts I've got running regarding NPC's. I fly through a crowd of zombies and I don't get hit, I fly maybe 200 units away from all of the zombies, but the zombies are attacking other things. For some reason, I get hurt, even though I'm suspended in mid-air with no enemies close enough to hurt me. I hope this information is helpful, and if nobody can recreate it then I really do wonder what's wrong on my end.
Update on potential glitches. It is specifically npc_alyx that's shooting at the concrete for no apparent reason. As for zombies, it's almost like the game thinks I'm still near the zombie even though I've flown away. Is the hit/damage part of a timed sequence of events that begins with the zombie saying hi?
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