• Gmod server security?
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I was wondering if Gmod servers are well protected from hacking and cheating by default, or if you have to have some sort of anti-cheat system of your own and/or if there are server settings you should be enabling/disabling to make sure the rats don't enter?
its not really the responsebility of the gmod server itself to be secure. Its more the responsebility of the server system that its running on. The operating system, and anti malware system etc. on that server. Thats why you can buy anti cheat addons on gmodstore. But gmod server on their on have no anti cheat/hacking systems
I'm not the host of my server, but my provider is quite large and popular so I hope and trust that they know what they are doing and have things like anti malware and whatnot sorted out. As for an anti-cheat I'll fetch one from gmodstore, better safe than sorry. So just to be certain, there are no server settings/configurations to mess around with?
not in the gmod server itself. for the server system itself probably, but for gmod no
I don't have any control over the server system itself, so I'll put my trust in my provider. Thank you for your help
A good anticheat is FMAC, it's free and a good developer decided to step in, update it & work on it. (Forked from MAC) Of course it might not be the best and it's still in development but it is a pretty good anticheat. If you want the link for it just tell me so I can message you, I don't quite want to "advertise". For Anti-Malware, no one is really in such a bad of a situation to have malware on their garry's mod server as you'd need to be really blind not to see some sort of EXE file and put it in some weird custom folder, you'd really have to be doing stuff intentionally to get malware.
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