• Can I find the priority of an NPC's disposition towards another?
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I'm playing around with Dispositions in an effort to hopefully enhance ai a tiny bit. I want to record an NPC's opinion of another, then change it. I want to later change it back to its previous opinion. NPC/Disposition only tells me if they D_HT, D_LI, D_FR, or D_NU, I've never seen D_ER That's great, but if the previous priority was D_HT 50 and I changed it to D_FR 99 ... when I change it back to D_HT I won't know what priority to set, so I might set D_HT 10 and now the NPC isn't putting as much priority on the target, or D_HT 99 and now they only want to shoot that specific target. I know priority matters because I've made a "friendly fire retaliation" script. at D_HT 1, my npcs are still shooting zombies instead of their newly hated targets, until the zombies die, then they attack the target. This doesn't give me much info about other relationships an NPC has, though.
Are the zombies within melee range of combine soldiers, or just overall closer, because they will try to kill targets that are closer to them first since they are trying to defend themselves, i'm not some elite coder man, but I seen that alot in sandbox when I mess around.
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