• The majority of my users can't connect to my server
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I'm having trouble with my Gmod DarkRP Server ( The majority of my userbase can't connect to my server since last thursday (for a minority it works all the time, including me).  Either they stuck in authenticating with steam or they can't find the server in the serverlist/can't connect via console (Connection failed after 6 retries). If they see the server in the serverlist the player information isn't displayed correctly and of course they can't connect: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/408498/399c7177-31b8-4750-b7b5-2c376321eeb2/serverlist.PNG The strange thing is that I didn't change anything on my server and the probleme came totally out of nowhere. Also it's strange that it helps to restart the server, but after a certain time the problem is there again. This solution is only working for some players... There are still players who can't connect to the server doesn't matter what I do. I tried everything I can but nothing helped, so I ask you for help. (If you need more information about my server just ask for it. Here is the console log: screenlog.0)
And why did you feeld the need to post the server ip?
Don't know thought it would be useful, maybe someone wants to test it out. I apologize for this kind of advertisement.
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