• Main menu popping in and out
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An example of the issue I'm having is in the video, the menu that pops up doesn't have any key that should be going directly to it, the ESC key opens up another window that you have to click the MAIN MENU button in order to see what pops up. Something else I've noticed is it happens even when I have the game minimized, using full screen windowed. It occurs in single player and on the two servers I play on. I play on windows 8.1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XXigBO4zck
Does it also open if you dont press any keys at all
Yes, it happens when I'm not pressing keys
Then you maybe have an addon that does this. I never was any bug that is responsible for this
hmm not sure Saigyl, but ahm do you have the game on fullscreen, borederless window or something?
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