• Dedi-Server: Black/Grey Broken Player Models, No Voice
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I've had this issue on 2 different server hosts with different gamemodes and different addons and im trying to work out what causes it if anyone has any ideas, here's what it looks like: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/928174371263203370/5532C429DF72B1509AC3A53EB4D2468C3ACD4B67/ Before hand it was caused by the addon LifeMod and its saved data in "data/lifemod" i removed the file *Not the addon* and it worked again, but this time i dont have that addon and it happened randomly tonight a community member let me know, it hasnt happened for the entire time its been online, over 2 months, and im wondering is this an exploit or attack of some sort or is it a bug? I've looked around and found some people have had this issue with TTT, Spacebuild 3 gamemode and the Pointshop addon. it corrects after restarting the server, i could find no errors or unusual code in the console.log has anyone else come across this? on occasion its been much worse where players cannot move, can't use weapons or tools either. I would appreciate any information on this issue if possible, thanks again.
Your server has Lua errors, fix them.
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