• Servers crashing without attacker being ingame
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Someone seems to be crashing my servers without even being on the server. The servers are restarting by themselves, I don't have to start them by myself again. RCon is disabled (rcon_password "") Any backdoor is very unlikely as most of the scripts on my server are self-written or haven't been updated in quite some time. (I also checked workshop addons for updates) All servers are crashing at the exact same time. This is my screen log when the servers have been crashed screenlog.0. And this isn't just a issue with my server or something that crashes it by itself, someone threatened us and said he's going to keep our servers offline. Thanks for any kind of help.
It's most likely a DDoS attack then, if you don't want those stuff happening I suggest using a dedicated host like Hexane (they have DDoS protection), or possibly report those threats to the police as DDoS threats are illegal.
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