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So here's what happened. I download DarkRP essentials from the steam - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1489757542&searchtext=darkRP+essential And then , it's time had come and I wanted to remove it. Removed it from my addons , from my steam collection (I downloaded it through my steam collection) , then I go to garry's mod folder and delete all files in Server Folder, start server again , everything goes set-up , but it is still there. I need your help with removal of this addon.
and how are we supposed to help?
Double check you removed it from the steam collection, make sure you're removing it from the right steam collection, make sure it's not the addons folder.
Well , double checked and still nothing. When I downloaded it , it maybe injected itself to the codes.
You might've put a copy of the addon in one of your other addon folders, check your addon folders for any essential darkrp f4 menu. (If you put an addon inside of another addon that addon can still run) To answer your curiousity, no it didn't inject itself into your server, that's impossible.
Thank you potatosayno , you have been really helpful , I was checking and checking and I just couldn't find the origin of the problem , it was the DarkRP Essentials Collection that was LINKED to mine (But I did remove the Essentials from MY collection , and forgot about linking DarkRP Essentials Collection to mine). Finally , I unlinked it and hoped for the best, it worked!
No problem!
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