• Server List Problem
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Hi, i have problem with server browser. When i start searching servers in server browser, server list loads slowly than normal,  my internet crashs (i can't open any webpage but server list still loads) and server list is not finds every server, i  mean I compare with my friend and my friend found more servers than me. I tried everything, I changed In-Game server browser: Max pings/minute, reseted my router, re installed steam but nothing changed. I opened server browser in team fortess 2 and there was not any problem. I really need help about that, thanks.
If you can't find anything to fix the issue I suggest clicking the "Legacy Browser" option when searching for servers. Other than that, you will never find all the servers, no one finds all the servers as your internet doesn't look far enough to find them all (no one's internet is).
"Legacy Browser" is not working too. My internet crashs when i open server browser.
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