• Lagspikes all the time, tried everything
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I keep getting these terrible lagspikes pretty randomly, and I believe they come from my PC being unable to process Garry's Mod audio properly. Because it is always whenever there is a shot being fired that I get a lagspike, or when some other audio starts playing that I get lagspikes. It used to be the first time I heard a certain specific sound per session that it lagged, but now it happens way more frequent. I've been trying everything I can find. I've done the simple things, verifying my Garry's Mod files. I've even re-installed Garry's Mod. I've tried different settings for my Garry's Mod, including the audio quality. I've also tested changing the audio's standardformat, and tried different settings there as well. I've had this issue for years now and I've been looking everywhere to find someone with similar issue, but I have not found anything. Would be very thankful for any help.
Multicore rendering usually boosts FPS, if you can find a way to enable Multicore rendering it might help with the lag spikes.
that makes it sounds like a really hard task to enable multicore. Its not like you just go into options and check "Multicoe Rendering Enable"
There are addons which do it for you, gmodadminsuite has an option for multicore rendering with it's fps module.
That did sadly not solve my issue. I also don't believe FPS is an issue for me, just these lag spikes I randomly get, which I believe is caused by my PC/client being unable properly process audio. And that is fine with me, one of my computer classes literally taught us "Google-Fu", so I know how to get around using Google. ;) Thanks for looking out though! Although there is this setting in Garry's Mod that literally says "Multicore Rendering" with the options Disable/Enable. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/415886/e3c3131b-c67f-438a-8e68-768f8c525156/image.png But like I said, this did sadly not solve my issue. :/
I'm not trying to sound rude, but I'm just going to say this the easy way. Is there anywhere I can get in contact with actual Garry's Mod developers or support personell? If that even exist. I've had this problem for a while and I just cannot seem to find any solution. I was wondering if perhaps they can look at my dxdiag or msinfo to see if there may be something there that is screwing up my game.
Hello? Is there anywhere I can get help? My game is seriously broken and I've tried everything.
Hello? Is there any way to get support for this game?
stop bumping your own thread. If people have a solution, they tell you here. if not, no one is gomna write anything. if literally nothing worked, game reinstalling, verifying game files etc. i guess you should reinstall windows completley
I'm not trying to bump my thread into having random users respond with solutions that may not even help me. Like I said, I've tried everything. Including re-installing Windows completely. That is why I am asking for real help, not random ideas of what I could do.
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