• Server not appearing in Internet Servers
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Server i co-own is hosted in Canada, will appear in history and is connectable via the console, but for some reason does not show up in the server browser, seems to be the same story with the Legacy Browser. Any ideas?
Set this is server config sv_lan 0
Sorry for taking so long to respond, didn't seem to help. Same issue.
Few years back gmod generally had issues with displaying servers that are geographically far away from you, since there was a cap on how many servers you could see, and the closests servers to you displayed first. I believe this is still an issue. Does north americans see the server?
On the update of today for garrys mod they have somewhat fixed that. Patch notes had 2xtimes more of servers listed and hided game modes .
I would assume so since the server has had people connect from america before, whereabouts in america i'm not sure though. Doesn't seem to have done anything for my situation atm. Still can't see it.
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