• How to edit the jump height on a server
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When i got in to my server i noticed that the jump height was changed, i don't know why or how that happen its like a two times in one jump. I need help knowing where do i go to change the jump height for every player or the gravity setting.
Jump Hight not sure, Gravity you can easily change in the Sandbox Admin settings in the Q menu > Utilities
I am running a dark rp server is it the same concept "Admin settings in the Q menu > Utilities" where do i go to change the gravity?
it is the same concept. 600 is the default value
if you want to change jump height but not gravity, use Player/SetJumpPower
Hey i messed around with the setting for gravity and i changed it to 400 but still didn't see a change int the server, i restarted it still no affect. Numbers that are low does that mean gravity and less? or Numbers that are high the more gravity up?
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