• Gmod:Mount Uninstalled Games?
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So In GMod,I Want To Mount Some Games (Like TF2 And/Or HL2),But I Can't. And...Does Anyone Know A Coding That Allows Me To Mount Unmountable Games?,And The File Of That? (And No,Don't Send Me Link To CSCheater.)
you can't really mount things that aren't on your hard drive so install 'em first
You can't mount uninstalled game, the whole idea is that you're telling Gmod, "Hey look at these files I've installed and use them as game content." If you don't have that content installed, how can Gmod use it? The second part you're asking is kind of unclear, but if Gmod doesn't support mounting a game you can't get it into the game without porting it to Gmod, which is an entire process.
that....makes just no sense
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