• Is there a way to report servers?
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I would like to report a sandbox server known to leak IP addresses of people on the server into the chat for everyone to see. The owner does it and then when he posts the IP into the chat, he tells the people on the server to DDoS it. Is there anyone I could talk to so I can report this server?
Submit a request – Facepunch Studios I believe
tbh ip addresses aren't really a secret thing
Was about to say the same thing. Just showing some IP adresses and then saying DDOS them...is not really a big thing. Its like just showing you real adresses from SOME RANDOM houses and telling you "rob these". Makes no difference to picking a house yourself
It's the fact that they're advocating a DDoS on random people in the server that makes it report worthy imo
According to US law, the call to action of DDoS makes it illegal. So assuming they are American they are subject to that.
I didnt say its not illegal, i just said its not such a big thing. I dont think alot of people on a gmod server will know how to ddos, and then actually do it to some random ass ip of some other gmod player
https://murkfall.net/~ajloveslily/image2.png spooky amirite
i appreciat your need to proove me wrong, but like i said, its like showing some random adress, and then saying "rob that house. even tho you have no clue who that is" And jokes on you im using a VPN. So the location that it shows me is not mine anyway.
It's also only shows to that person and shits on infosec I'm also not running Linux so it's already wrong.
yea i noticed that. well it got my operating system and browser right, but who cares about that rly
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