• Macrobug,having LAG problems with low ping,stuck in Sending client Info and more
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First of all, all this is just happening to me in: IP: Problem 1: One day like another, entering a Star Wars RP server, I find that the following happens: - When I appear I try to move a bit around the main area, but it does not let me move well, for example I move forward and the character is attracted backwards etc ... - When I type in the chat and press the enter button, the message is not sent. - When I press F4 and choose my job, he does not put it on me. After seeing that all these things happened to me, I pressed TAB to see how much ping I had and it was at that moment of 81. I was surprised, it's like I had LAG but without a high ping. What did I do?: - Delete all addons (300) - Delete Garry's Mod. None of this has taken effect. Problem 2: The next day I went back to the server and this came out on the loading screen: Downloading maps / graphs / rp_phenomenal_galaxy_v3.ain The strangest thing is that I have already downloaded this map, and it stays like that forever. What did I do? - Options> Other and changed from:  Allow all custom files from server.  to  Only allow map files. Problem 3: I solved the problem 2 doing that, but because of having the Only allow map files option,now I'm stucked in SENDING CLIENT INFO. What did I do?: - Change RAM configuration - Change resolution - Delete all addons. - Delete Garry's Mod. - Delete textures. (CS Source and HL 1 and 2) None of this has taken effect. A little help? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/423478/d857a92b-79ee-4372-9c9a-1069b40e19f2/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/423478/4dcef8ca-b3e7-47ae-aaaa-89cc18f88c77/image.png
I appreciate your Formatting, finally someome who gives details and follows the rules again. How long do you wait in Sending Client i fo before canceling? Sometimes you can be stuck there for ages, but it finishes anyway sooner or later
My maximum has been 40 minutes. But normally I do not expect more than 8 minutes out there normally.
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