• Manually installed addons dont work on Dedicated server
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So pretty much I have a lot of addons I would like to have properly located to make them easy to navigate and work with. I've tried to install them in addons folder on my dedicated server (keep in mind that most of them are just luas), but no matter what I do server refuses to use them. I've tryed creating addon.txt in each folder and still nothing. The only way to make them work is to unpack them in main lua folder, which makes it into unworkable mess.
If an addon works in your client's addons/ folder it will work on the server. I.E. the file structure has to be proper, addon has to actually work, etc, etc. That being said, only folder addons will be auto loaded from addons/ folder, not .gma addons.
I've made a few checks by now. My addon structure looks like this: addons\folderA\lua\... addons\folderB\lua\... addons\folderC\lua\... FolderA is containing all lua base, needed for both folder B and C. And in this scenario nothing works. If I unpack all folders into lua on gmod, everything is fine. If I only unpack folderA, but keep both chield folders as it is in addon folder, everything seems to work aswell. In conclusion, for some reason keeping base for the addons in separate folder for somereason breaks everything, at least in my case.
Make sure all file/folder names are lower case.
question, are you running a server on linux? if so make sure there is no capitalization in any files or folders
Nope. The only logical explanation, for now, is that, files (in a separate folders) in addon folder aren't loading in a proper order, coasing addons, which depens on a "base", to have problems. To be more strate forward. I've tried to have weapons, which requres a base, in a separate folders, like "base", "smgs", "pistols" for excample. Nothing worked, but ones I've unpacked "base" lua files into the root lua folder, everything started to work.
Can you like show the entire file structure you have when it doesn't work. I feel like you are doing something wrong.
Welp, This is how everything looks in addons folder https://i.imgur.com/hHNyQF0.png Inside lua_weapons_base, there is folder called "lua" and this is what it contains https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/310036/496671d2-1418-4af1-9ad5-6d218a22128f/explorer_t37atJSAVH.png Inside both weapons_1\2 there is only "lua\weapons" folders with all weapons in it. You can even try to re-create this by youself. Get CW 2.0 base, unpack it in your addons folder and separate weapons (leaving only cw_base) moving them to newly created folder.
Well I did and they work as expected? https://files.facepunch.com/rubat/1b2011b1/2019-02-20_18-24-57.png (This is on a local dedicated server) Do the addons show up in the console when starting the server for you? https://files.facepunch.com/rubat/1b2011b1/2019-02-20_18-25-35.png How do the addons "don't work" for you? Weapons do not appear in spawn menu? Addons do not appear in the logs like above? Do the models from those addons work for you on the server? I.E. Can you spawn them in spawn menu? Do the missing weapons appear for you if you do something like this? lua_run print( weapons.Get( "classname here" ) )
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