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Hello, I have encountered ulx problem, the admins below in rank cannot ban the superadmin through the ulx menu, because superadmin is not displayed for them in the menu so it is higher than the admins, but if you go to the steamaidi ban, you can ban any person on the server, even superadmin low. The rank that has this function can ban anyone higher than the rank. Is it possible to make it so that before banning by steamid, ulx checked which rank of the one who is banned by steamid ?
Might want to take a look at group targeting settings. Whatever group that's banning Superadmins might have target set as "*". If it is, you will need to change that. If that's the case let me know and I can describe it in more detail. If that's not it, I'll have to take a look at my own ULX and run some tests.
Your need to change of who can target for example put this in admin !%Superadmin So they cant target anyone above and not target Superadmin.
all the settings like you said, I’m talking about steamid ban through it you can ban any person on the server in spite of its rank, it can be said an ulx error
You need to type !menu, go to groups and go to admin, then from there type in the "Can Target:" type "!%superadmin" This should fix the issue. https://i.imgur.com/rUwoLC0.png
I set it up a long time ago, the problem is that anyone can ban a superadmin on a stimaydi just a steam ID, not just a ban of a steam ID, a normal ban of a superradmin and higher rankings can not be banned because the sister of ranks works, but on a steam ID, you can do it
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