• Creating a Server Content Pack Help
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I made a server content pack for my server to put all of my addons so people can only download the one file, but I don't know if I was doing it right. Only some of the player models were downloaded and the t weapons weren't downloaded at all. I uncompressed all of my addons and put all the materials, sounds, etc.. in one folder (I didn't put the lua's in there) then once I copied all of the materials, sounds, etc.. I compressed the materials and such into a .gma file then uploaded it to steam workshop. Did I do something wrong?
putting materials, sounds and everything else into one folder wont work. Gmod addons have a structure that literally every addon follows. sounds come into sounds folder, materials in materials, models in models, lua in lua and the subfolders. You cant just stuff every single thing into one folder, make it into a gma and expect it to work
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