• Crashing when loading into multiplayer
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Whenever I load into some servers it crashes my game and gives me the error. "Lua Panic, Something went terribly wrong, Not enough memory." This is after installing freshly installing windows onto a new hard drive. I have 12gb of ram. Reinstalled gmod Deleted all addons Verified integrity Started single player first Set all video settings to Low Set heapsize larger Set setting to not download anything from servers No luck at all. Someone please help me. No idea why its doing this.
Your 12 GB of ram wont help. GMOD uses 32 bit. There is a 64 bit beta, but most servers still use 32, so does your normal gmod. Means you cant have more than (what was it? 4,5 GB of ram?) And if a server has way too many addons, there isnt really anything you can do
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