• I need help with my dedicated server
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ive been trying to make a dark rp server for weeks now (I have port forwarded and and made bat files and so on) could anyone help I want to see it on the master server list so people can join without my ip -J
Well okay. My car is broken. fix it pls how would you help me, without any information? Even if your not experience, you could atleast tell us what port your actually forwarding, and with what protocoll. And show the console log
I was saying that so when you guys reply I know what to send you wait 1 sec
Wait, what? 4379 - 4380 3478 - 3478 27000 - 27050 26901 - 26091 ? Why do you have so many ports open just for GMOD? You only need the port 27015. So 27015 - 27015. In the TCP Protocoll
You don't need to black out that last number, it's an internal IP address, no one can do anything with it. As proof, here's my internal IP address Are you absolutely certain you've allowed it through the firewall?
I'm quite sure
you allow it through the firewall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AcqibSJ8ng
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