• CONSTANT Crashing Issue
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Every 3-4 hours on a lot of DarkRP servers, I get below as my crash exception, and it's always the same exception every time I crash aafter 4-6 hours of gameplay. StreamType ExceptionStream Location: DataSize 168 RVA 1608 DirectoryData: ThreadId 2784 __alignment 0 MINIDUMP_EXCEPTION: ExceptionCode EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION ExceptionFlags EXCEPTION_CONTINUABLE ExceptionRecord 0 RelatedExceptionRecord None ExceptionAddress 790232323 NumberParameters 2 __unusedAlignment 0 1 18446744072521414208 ThreadContext: DataSize 0 RVA 0 I've tried what all other posts have recommended about Launch Commands Reinstalling the game (Completely Fresh) All other possible games mounted / reinstalled / opened, etc. Installing the game on different drives Completed memory checks with 0 errors Done disk cleanups, defrags, etc, etc GMOD folder excluded from anti virus and anti malware. Only connecting to one DarkRP server without downloading addons via workshop, and only downloading what the server makes me download on connect. PLEASE help me find a solution to this issue
This is just a guess, but did you try going on full settings? (the video settings with * next to them) This helped me in the past.
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