• Question about malicious server
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Was playing on a DarkRP server and decided to minge. Owner TPd to me forced my mic on and then used a command that just plays a loud high pitch sound that can't be stopped(not that bad in my opinion) He then told me to look in my data folder on Gmod and it was being filled with over 80,000 text files and even more folders. These text files only had racist things and shit talk in them. I disconnected and was then ddosd. Luckily it was probably just a purchaced booter and only lasted 5 minutes. Haven't played in a while. Is this common and is there something that can be done?
yes, it is super common that you go on a darkrp server, and then the owner tps you, forces your mic on, plays a high pitch sound and fills your gmod data folder with racists txt files. Thats a normal monday in gmod
I miss it just being a url ban.
I know the addon which does that, simply just unplug your microphone, regarding your DDoS, use VPN, and for your datas folder, just disable downloading content from servers. These are actually really simple things to do, but if you find any information about that Owner (there are trackers) you could report it to the police. The Owner has no point in doing that, other than bringing him bad reputation, his Steam Account removed, or him going to Jail; It's literally the stupidest thing I've ever heard someone do.
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