• Overriding Modules [DarkRP]
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Hey, I've attempted to Override the DarkRP FPP Module (to avoid editing core files). Here's the path I used to Override it: darkrpmodification-master\lua\darkrp_modules\fpp\pp\server\antispam.lua Yet, it does not Override it, what am I doing wrong? Thank you.
We don`t know what you wrote, changed, altered or anything. How are we supposed to help?
What I've done is, I've copied FPP from the gamemode, and put it in DarkRP-Modification > Modules to overwrite it, I've changed the code a bit, yet ingame, it completely throws away what I wrote, and uses the gamemode code, not my code. I've been told I'm overriding the wrong way, and have came here to find an answer to how I would overwrite certain gamemode files. This is the code: https://pastebin.com/faJdPb0t The code is featured in DarkRP: https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP/blob/master/gamemode/modules/fpp/pp/server/antispam.lua For some weird reason, it does not overwrite it, which I'm trying to find an answer to. I'm trying to override the DarkRP FPP Module.
Overwriting any Gamemode Module is pretty much always a bad Idea. It mostly likley will break something
For reference in disabled_defaults.lua change ["fpp"]              = false, to ["fpp"]              = true, It's why the module is there, you can download FPP and place it in your addons and edit how you want after that.
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