• ULiB Group Inheritance Error
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Hello, I have been setting up a dev server that is, in theory, identical to a live server that's part of the community I am a member of. In its current state, all files are identical to what is currently on the live server. Nothing has been changed, nor is there any development work currently ongoing on it. This server originally did not have a connection to MySQL, which is hosted locally via XAMPP and phpMyAdmin. I added the following files to the associated directories, which then caused this error to occur: libmysql.dll @ $\server root dir\ gmsv_mysqloo_win32.dll @ $\server root dir\garrysmod\lua\bin This resolved my connection issues to MySQL however it has caused this player auth error which has left me scratching my head. I've pasted the initial error which I've extracted from the server console.. there's a whole bunch of unauthed player errors afterwards but this seems to be the source of the issue. [ERROR] lua/includes/extensions/player_auth.lua:90: Group cannot inherit from itself   1. addGroup - [C]:-1    2. SetUserGroup - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/server/ucl.lua:1124     3. playerAuth - lua/includes/extensions/player_auth.lua:90      4. fn - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/server/ucl.lua:1114       5. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:109        6. UniqueID - [C]:-1         7. echoToAdmins - addons/ulx/lua/ulx/log.lua:164          8. fn - addons/ulx/lua/ulx/log.lua:202           9. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:109 Any advice is appreciated! You can contact me on discord if required @ uzi#1337 "moderator" { "can_target" "!%admin" "allow" { "awarn_remove" "awarn_view" "awarn_warn" "ulx bring" "ulx gag" "ulx goto" "ulx hiddenecho" "ulx kick" "ulx mute" "ulx seeanonymousechoes" "ulx seeasay" "ulx send" "ulx slay" "ulx spawnecho" "ulx teleport" "ulx ungag" "ulx unmute" } "inherit_from" "user" } "headadmin" { "allow" { "ulx addgroup" "ulx adduser" "ulx adduserid" "ulx armor" "ulx blind" "ulx cexec" "ulx chattime" "ulx cloak" "ulx ent" "ulx exec" "ulx gban" "ulx gimp" "ulx god" "ulx groupallow" "ulx groupdeny" "ulx gunban" "ulx hp" "ulx kickafternamechanges" "ulx kickafternamechangescooldown" "ulx kickafternamechangeswarning" "ulx logchat" "ulx logdir" "ulx logecho" "ulx logechocolorconsole" "ulx logechocolordefault" "ulx logechocoloreveryone" "ulx logechocolormisc" "ulx logechocolorplayer" "ulx logechocolorplayerasgroup" "ulx logechocolors" "ulx logechocolorself" "ulx logevents" "ulx logfile" "ulx logjoinleaveecho" "ulx logspawns" "ulx logspawnsecho" "ulx luarun" "ulx map" "ulx maul" "ulx playsound" "ulx ragdoll" "ulx rcon" "ulx removegroup" "ulx renamegroup" "ulx rslots" "ulx rslotsmode" "ulx rslotsvisible" "ulx setgroupcantarget" "ulx showmotd" "ulx unblind" "ulx uncloak" "ulx ungimp" "ulx ungod" "ulx unragdoll" "ulx userallow" "ulx userallowid" "ulx userdeny" "ulx userdenyid" "ulx usermanagementhelp" "ulx votebanminvotes" "ulx votebansuccessratio" "ulx voteecho" "ulx votekickminvotes" "ulx votekicksuccessratio" "ulx votemap2minvotes" "ulx votemap2successratio" "ulx votemapenabled" "ulx votemapmapmode" "ulx votemapmintime" "ulx votemapminvotes" "ulx votemapsuccessratio" "ulx votemapvetotime" "ulx votemapwaittime" "ulx welcomemessage" "ulx whip" "xgui_gmsettings" "xgui_svsettings" } "inherit_from" "superadmin" } "admin" { "can_target" "!%superadmin" "allow" { "awarn_delete" "awarn_remove" "awarn_view" "awarn_warn" "ulx ban" "ulx banid" "ulx bring" "ulx csay" "ulx freeze" "ulx fspec" "ulx gag" "ulx goto" "ulx kick" "ulx mute" "ulx reservedslots" "ulx return" "ulx rmban" "ulx rmunban" "ulx seeanonymousechoes" "ulx send" "ulx sharingcheck" "ulx shoutvote" "ulx slay" "ulx spawn" "ulx spawnecho" "ulx spectate" "ulx stopshout" "ulx switch" "ulx teleport" "ulx tsay" "ulx unban" "ulx unfreeze" "ulx ungag" "ulx unmute" "ulx unspec" "ulx veto" "ulx vote" "ulx voteban" "ulx votekick" "ulx votemap2" "xgui_managebans" } "inherit_from" "moderator" } "user" { "allow" { "ulx asay" "ulx casay" "ulx motd" "ulx profile" "ulx steamid" "ulx who" "ulx wmcadd" } "can_target" "!%moderator" } "superadmin" { "can_target" "!%headadmin" "allow" { "awarn_delete" "awarn_options" "ulx anticheat" "ulx banid" "ulx help" "ulx hiddenecho" "ulx ignite" "ulx jail" "ulx jailtp" "ulx noclip" "ulx physgunplayer" "ulx psay" "ulx removeuser" "ulx removeuserid" "ulx slap" "ulx slay" "ulx sslay" "ulx stopvote" "ulx strip" "ulx teleport" "ulx thetime" "ulx unfreeze" "ulx unignite" "ulx unigniteall" "ulx unjail" "ulx votemap" "ulx wmcadd" "ulx wmcdel" "ulx wmcedit" "ulx wmcopengui" "ulx wmcplayall" "ulx wmcstopall" "xgui_managebans" "xgui_managegroups" "ulx adduser" "* <moderator,admin,superadmin>" "ulx adduserid" "* <moderator,admin,superadmin>" } "inherit_from" "admin" } If you require any further information, please let me know.
Resolved! There was a dodgy addon that was leftover in the server addons. The config in this addon was not done properly and was breaking all groups. Removing the addon fixed the issue!
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