• Stuck on " Requesting [X] Lua files " or " Starting Lua "
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Every time I try to join any multiplayer server, I will download the lua files, then it will say " Starting Lua " but never really start. Then when I try to connect again it will say " Requesting [2 or 19] Lua files then get stuck. It seems like my GMOD REFUSES to download specifically 2 or 19 lua files in every server. Some times I might somehow get through without downloading those Lua files but once again, it will get stuck on " Starting Lua "  Stuck on Requesting Lua files :  https://imgur.com/a/y0fBfQH Stuck on Starting Lua :  https://imgur.com/a/lZNUXol (Please keep in mind if I attempted to wait for it to load on Starting Lua or Requesting Server files my gmod will just time out while loading and I will be back to server menu. It will never load on Requesting Lua files and will very rarely load on Starting Lua. ) And even if I do manage to connect to the server, I will instantly time out at spawn then lose connection to the server after the timer ends. Example :  https://imgur.com/a/pYG5d2e And also for some reason every time I fail to join a server the gmod logo in the menu screen disappears shown here :  https://imgur.com/qiBT8IL Here is the whole list of things I have tried - Verified Game Cache - Every launch option that people have been saying online, including client ports. - Reinstall Gmod - Complete reinstall of gmod (Files left behind also deleted with the actual game itself) - Factory Reset of GMod - Every beta version - Loading into map single player before hand - Windows Compatibility mode on Windows 7 Here are my main specs - Windows 10 - Intel Core i7-6700k @ 4.00 GHZ  - Radeon RX 480 Graphics - 8 GB RAM  - Ethernet
At this point the issue might be with your network configuration or something on your PC (anti viruses, firewalls)
I made sure that GMOD has exclusions on both Windows Defender and Fire Walls, as well as Steam itself.
Then its not Windows Defender. Keep looking. Maybe try a different router/internet connection, for example from your phone (not wifi) over USB, temporarily just to test it.
Well I just connected to a VPN and now I can load into servers just fine, though this cant really be a permanent fix because the VPN I have has a 10 Gigabyte limit, do you have any ideas on what could be causing it to not load unless I have on a VPN?
Could your ISP be blocking stuff? I remember I had the same issue with my ISP and VPN was the only way around it.
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