• Help me find a good server host
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Hey, So me and a pal are looking to host a new TTT server, we had one back in the day and it was always populated with over 30 players! The problem we had is that once our server was reaching 30 players + we started getting bad lag So we are looking for a good solid host, can anyone recommend some good server hosts? Thanks!
gonna copy paste SweptThrones answer here: rule #1: Do not advertise or ask for server IPs, hosts, developers, staff, co-owners, mappers, modellers, or any other recruitment.
I thought you could mention server questions in the help category? If not, is there no place on this forum where I can ask this question?
Damn, Well if anyone is kind enough to help I found this list: The Best Garry's Mod Server Hosting Companies | GadgetGang I am going to go with Nitrous networks as they have been rated number #1 on that list.
Good luck, seems like a good choice.
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