• PermaProps in console
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How to activate it with the console? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=220336312
Do you even know how this addon works?
So how to add permanent props in a server like murder where it is impossible to have the toolgun? I have asked this question many times, never had a real answer.
Only way i can think of is to load the map in sandbox, place the props or whatever you want to permanent and use the tool on it. And then start the server with your prefered game mode:)
Ommmmmmmg!! Thanks a fucking LOT When u want we have sex / Seriously it's been almost a year that I was looking for a solution, it is extremely fun!!
what the fuck
GitHub This should help you out, no idea if Murder has a C menu but if it does just right click on the entity and go to PP Options and click "Permaprop this Entity, If you have any issues with it please feel free to make a issue report.
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