• Crashing 2-3 minutes after starting up
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Hello, So my friend's game is constantly crashing and has been for a while, everytime he boots the game up, CPU usage spikes to ~95% (CPU is i7-6700), then the game closes after about 2-3 minutes. he's used the -condebug command and gotten a console.log file, attached below . Any thoughts or help? And before you suggest, he's already completely deleted the game more than once (full delete, not just steam uninstall) console.log
That log says "Out of memory". Probably the issue. My two cents.
Why doesnt you friend make a account to ask here? How many addons does he have installed?
I've looked into this a ton but cannot find a solution, tried the -heapsize startup parameter as well and gave it 8GB but alas no results. 1) Idk I don't think he knows about these forums and asked me to help him 2) No addons, 100% clean GMod install
1. gmod is 32 bit. giving it 8 gb ram is useless. it can only use the max limit of ram that 32 bits support. 2. Is he using windows?
Sorry for such a slow reply! And yes he's using Windows.
gmod has something, something every game has. its called a crashlog. tell him to send you that, and you put it here. NOT as purw text please..upload the crash file
console.log <- thats the only file he gets from crashing. Nothing else is generated. No mdmp files or anything
The only thing he's getting is the console.log I uploaded already. I'm aware of the crash files and there's no MDMP files being created no matter what.
(for me atleast) the post from you where you upload the file is empty.
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