• my option menu got borken
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Some stuff on my options menu got broken, like Q menu and the console is not showing in the options menu instead Dewey's stuff like #L4D  (already enable the console menu on the advanced )  Anyone can help thanks https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/519599539095863356/577006022514835502/Capture.PNG
Don't extract pirated game content into your addons/ folder.
i did remove them an relaunch my game but did work
Verify your game files. Steam Library > Right click on Garry's Mod > Local Files > verify integrity of game files, Should at least help with the issue you're facing.
still didn't work
Try to factory reset your garry's mod, it's in your garry's mod folder. (because I have no idea what you put in your garry's mod files) I making a backup of the "data" folder. If Factory reset/reinstall/verifying does not work you've messed up badly.
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