• When I search in spawnlist, addon related items do not come up (Except NPCs)
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Title says all. Spawnlist search bar not working (for more of an explanation) Yes, I tried the solution. And also I want all my addons to come up not the ones manually extracted.
Wait for the blue bar above the search results to finish, keep in mind that the search only displays a certain amount of results, was 512 or something like that, make your search more specific. If that doesnt help, post exactly what you enter into the search, and what models, or models from which mods you expect to see.
Alright. The blue bar does finish. And I have another computer and when I search "Droid" all my battledroid playermodels come up. On this computer just the NPCs come up. I even search the .mdl and it still won't come up! I know they are in my game because I can spawn them if I did through my browse under spawnlist.
As I have said, the spawnmenu search has a limit of 512 models. You will need to be more specific in your search. The model(s) that are missing simply did not fit in the search results because your search terms are too broad. If you are searching for direct model paths, remove the "models/" bit.
Alright still no luck. I removed the start part, and other parts. I don't understand why this is happening. Any ideas?
Can you post a link to the addon that doesn't appear? Can you post a picture of the model not appearing in the search? Can you try disabling ALL mods but only leaving the problematic one enabled and trying again? Can you post what EXACTLY you put into the search bar?
Every addon. I have disabled all addons and only had one activated and search. It still not not come up. For example. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=107567765 I only had that activated and searched "Droid". On my other PC they all came up. On this it says "0 results"
Ok they work for me, hmm. Can you post a console log after searching finishes? ( the blue bar ) Does the BattleDroid addon appear in Browse > Addons ( NOT BROWSE > GAMES )? Does it appear in the addons menu in the main menu?
Nothing appears in console. Yes they are in the addons menu from main menu. And yes they are in browse.
Any update?
Hey so I had a fix for this way back by holding C, going up to the top left of my screen, going into the asset browser with the extended spawn menu and updating my search cache. I now have this issue again, and my previous fix does not work. If I go into the asset browser and search under "workshop - models" my model comes up, but I search under spawnlist, it does not. Any tips on how I can move my addons to be in the gmod search?
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