I hate the design's width/height/font/color/etc

We've got you covered. Head over to your Options. You'll see an option to make the site full width.

Check out the meta forum too. There's people just like you, unable to deal with change, recreating the original forum design.



To quote an entire post, press the reply button. The person you're replying to will receive an alert.

If you only want to reply to a certain thing in the post, highlight it and then press reply.


To mention another user, type @ and start typing their name. Mentioned users receive an alert letting them know.


Some styles have hotkeys, you can see them by hovering

You can post by pressing Ctrl and Enter.


To post an emote, just type the code. Most start with a colon, ie :D or :cool:

If you type something and it turns into an emote, but you don't want it to, just ctrl z to turn it back.


To post an image just paste its addess. It should automatically embed. If you're pasting a URL and it's not automatically showing as an image, pelase make a thread in the meta forum.


Same as images. Paste the URL, if it's not embedding let us know in the meta forum.


Zip it up and upload it, the forums should automatically detect what it is and try to embed it.


Pasting a link will automatically convert it into a link. It'll also try to convert it to nice text by gravving the name of the webpage. If you want to paste the link, just press ctrl + z and it'll undo that.


You can't use BBCode, sorry. There's no option to use it, and there won't be any option to use it. There won't be any options to use any kind of 'code' instead of the wysiwyg system.


What are levels?

Your level shows next to your name. It's an indication to other posters or your seniority on the forums.

How do I level up?

You gain level by reading and posting on the forums.

To avoid the temptation to spam to level up, there's a very low daily cap.

Why not just postcount and date?

Join date isn't an indication of seniority on the forums, neither is postcount.

The most valuable members to a forum visit and post every day. Level aims to be an indicator of that.

Won't people be active just to level up?

Yes, that's exactly what we're trying to encourage.


How do I bring my old account over?

  • Create a new account on this site.
  • When logged into your new account, visit this page.

What will then happen is that we'll give you gold if you had it, adjust your join date and convert any posts that have migrated into your current account's name. When we finish migrating the forums, all posts will be in your name.

You'll also recieve a level/coin boost based on your previous account. This isn't a massive amount of anything on purpose, and will at most equate to about 6 months on this forum.

Can I bring my banned account over?


Can I migrate multiple accounts to this account?



If you have any suggestions, complaints, feedback please start a thread in the meta forum.