• I'm looking for a good free PDF editor
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I need it for work, and I have not interest in paying for any of Adobe's products just yet. Are there any free alternatives out there? Thanks.
PDF isn't really designed to be edited, while there are some tools out there all the free ones in my experience are shit and highly limited, even the paid tools are not that great. If you really need to edit a PDF the best way is to export it to a different format, [url=https://calibre-ebook.com/]Calibre[/url] does a fairly good job of this.
To be sure, you actually want to edit existing PDF files, right? Or are you looking for software to create PDF files?
PDFs should never be edited, it's really more of a format to export to, but unfortunately a lot of people don't understand that and just use them in place of Word docs especially in the educational sector it's gross
Libreoffice Draw can edit PDFs pretty well, depends on the doc of course. If you're dealing with just text and images it should be fine. Though you should be more clear what you're actually doing since there's probably a better way.
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