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i've got a thinkpad x240... am i kool? =(
X240's represent. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58024/486a44bf-99be-4a21-9db2-7f6388231202/IMG_20190207_163149.jpg Some people don't like the touchpad buttons but I think it's fine. Solid laptop, I love it to bits.
Is that a Unicomp Model M in the background I see?
Got my boss' blessing to look for a new work PC. I had an old HP ProBook with an i3 and thought things would be a lot more convenient with a ThinkPad + docking station considering I sometimes bring it home to work from home. Ended up picking an E580 (i5 model) with USB-C docking station. Very happy, a real beast by comparison. Gonna be a lot more convenient to plug into work with one USB-C cable as opposed to every cable individually. The idea is this setup will be standard issue at the office.
No, it's just a Ducky One with white keycaps.
after taking apart my x220t, realized i had my monitor cable squished between the keyboard and a thin vertical wall thingy in the casing, which may have been the cause of the black lines filling up my screen all the time. I haven't had a chance to test it out again because I removed the hard drive. I was wondering if replacing the cable would be hard, because I'm thinking I did some irreparable damage to it. it did give me an excuse to buy an x230 which i'm more than happy with, but I don't like the idea of the x220t collecting dust in my closet. Could I potentially remove the screen altogether and use it as a desktop by hooking the wires up to an adapter? it'd be cool to use a nice display with the business end of a thinkpad.
I did a full screen replacement on my X220t and it's not the worst thing in the world. The cable is fully removable but you have to strip down the entire monitor assembly which is a royal pain. Once you're in you'll see where the cable connects. If you pull up the parts breakdown you can get the part number for that cable and order a new one.
A cool a thread for me https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132997/8a8565c6-e2b0-492c-8f1e-dee868ac4b68/20190317_084054.jpg
I can't speak for later models but the T430 has the exact same switches as the T420, and I actually prefer the shape of the keycaps.
Those keycaps are the precise reason I chose the T420 over the T430. I don't really care about the switches themselves, I just hate flat keyboards
if the computer ever dies on you make sure you save the keyboard because you swap out the kb from a t430 with the one you have now. I was planning on doing it with my x220/x230 but it's a bit more involved than I would like in my case, and the middle mouse button fell off on the old one. I don't have a preference for classic over chiclet anyway, i think the chiclet gets too much flak.
I need to buy a new battery for a T420 I just bought - are the generic 6/9 cell aftermarket batteries on eBay okay? all the genuine Lenovo ones I can find have been used to some degree and I'd rather have a 'new' battery.
I bought a new Lenovo battery from Amazon that turned out to be legitimate. Not sure if that's reliable or if I just got lucky.
My Chinese bootleg T400 battery has been serving me alright for about 2 years now, although it was supposed to be a 9 cell but turned out to be a 6 cell. Had I known at the time I probably could have argued for a refund. The firmware says that it's a Sanyo so I don't wager it'll explode on me, just make sure you get the capacity that you paid for. How much was it? Even used official batteries in my experience are very expensive compared to the new knockoff alternative.
Mine was about $80 for the 9-cell version.
Think I'm gonna chance it then. Don't have the £50+ needed for a brand new one from Lenovo and I'm not a fan of buying a used one.
I just re-celled my old battery, almost fits back together perfectly.
I've got a T440p with the dgpu model, and I haven't been using it really much because it keeps getting to spicy hot temperatures even with new thermal paste applied and fan cleaned. I've been using it less and less because of this, and since I will have to rely only on this thing for a good few weeks, I want to figure out the root of the problem. It started happening after I got it from RMA repairs and the motherboard was replaced (Went in for a simple keyboard replacement, left with new mobo and keyboard because they ripped off the trackpoint traces). When I disassembled it to repaste it again (without removing the roll cage), I noticed that on some pictures there are thermal pads on the VRMs near the dGPU, like in this pic. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/209432/4698fe65-be4e-4e07-b6eb-15d882d91d20/image.png This may sound dumb but is it possible that the official repair center forgot to replace the thermal pads and that's causing the issues? Don't want to really disassemble it fully for no reason.
I've had heat pipes fail on laptops I've worked on before. If you find the thermal pads all present then a new heatsink is worth looking into.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/209432/6007e392-2634-447c-8cd2-169af29fc8a4/20190326_121200.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/209432/f8e6005c-fee2-40c0-91e3-c1b61231db4a/20190326_121149.jpg I've got my answers. Also lesson learned to not ever trust official Lenovo warranty repairs. What the actual fuck have they done with the thermal pads?
looks like wet cardboard
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1809/005f89b2-1305-48ae-8b2a-15a259365471/2687319C-8AF4-4589-9305-25D8F363810A.jpeg work got us P52s so I’ve got a big and a small now. am I a heathen for not minding the chiclet board? I really can’t tell much difference in typing feel
Alright, weird question here for anybody who knows about older models. My workplace is in the market for a laptop. The only requirement is that it must have a real native RS-232 serial port. Obviously that limits us to some pretty old laptops. What's the most recent, readily available ThinkPad with serial support? We can also totally go for ToughBooks, EliteBooks or other thiccboi laptops.
Some variations of HP ProBook 650 G4 got serial port instead of VGA. http://i.heykidwannayiff.com/chrome_2019-03-30_20-06-31.png Only thing I could find quickly
So my grandparents wanted to wipe the hard drive on a bunch of old laptops they had that they didn’t use anymore. One of them happened to be a pristine T430. what was their first course of action? douse them in water with a garden hose https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1809/9fdd0d90-c3ef-4dc6-b91a-bedea48f003f/97DEA380-C0A2-40FC-BF88-FD9AF8EF0809.jpeg The others were doused last week and were a bit shit so I’ve assumed they’re dead, but the T430 only got sprayed last night, I’ve disassembled it completely, dried it, hair dried it as best I can in hopes I can salvage at least something from it. I assume I’ll be told the inevitable, but is anything likely to be salvageable here?
There's a decent likelihood that everything still works, or will work when all the water has dried up, which could take a few days. If it has a hard drive, that might be toast, but that's a great opportunity to replace it with an SSD anyway. Just disassemble it as far as you reasonably can and lay it out in a warm, dry place for a few days. Don't attempt to power it on under any circumstances. In maybe a week, check for remaining water and check for corrosion on the mainboard. If it looks good, reassemble, plug it in without the battery, and give her a spin. If anything's dead, it's probably the motherboard. The CPU in particular should be fine, and it's LGA-socketed so it can be removed very easily. Be cautious about reconnecting the battery without disassembling it first, water could have gotten into it and it wouldn't be very easy to get it out. Good luck. The T430 is the best ThinkPad of them all in my opinion.
That’s more optimistic than I was actually. Here’s hoping. I actually took the CPU out, a little water had gotten into the socket. Gave it all a quick blast with a hairdryer before laying all the components out near a radiator. The inside wasn’t actually soaked everywhere, it was more concentrated at the top near the screen hinges and at the bottom near the touchpad. The rest of it was either dry, damp, or had some drips of water here and there.
Water doesn't kill electronics, short-circuiting does. You can dip electronics in water as much as you like as long as they're unpowered, they dry out completely before being turned on, and corrosion doesn't occur.
I know, but the battery was left in when they got soaked. I assumed if it had some charge it will have been discharging somewhere at least. Always on USB etc? Anyway yeah. I'll be reporting back in a week when I've put it back together. Hopefully I can remember where all the screws go as I didn't take any pictures or organise them, I was in a rush taking it apart.
I'm having a hard time choosing between two T530's and could use and hand. One is $189 USD with free shipping and has Intel i5-320M Nvidia NVS 5400M HD+ 1600*900 ips display 128GB SSD 4GB RAM Windows 10 Pro And the Mini Dock 3 There's a couple more extras but that's the important stuff. While the other one is, $219 USD + $25 shipping It has every thing the other one has except it has An optional drive, the other has nothing. 8GB DDR3 RAM 250GB HDD A back lit keyboard, not sure if the other does And no windows license at all. What seems to be the better purchase, friends?
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