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Welcome to the Apple thread, where we discuss the world’s most advanced phones, computers, watches, tablets and...set top boxes. Feel free to discuss why Siri is useless, why butterfly keyboards suck, how much you paid for your iMac Pro, using your PowerMac G5 as a space heater in the winter, or why iOS 6’s design was simply better.
Been trying out iOS 12, I don't know whether it's a placebo but it does feel a lot smoother and faster on my iPhone 7 Plus. Looking forward to trying out the macOS dark mode, I'm surprised a dark mode hasn't been released for the iPhone X with its OLED display. Planning to buy the next iPhone, I held off the iPhone X since I wanted to wait for them to fully optimise Face ID and whatever else, plus I generally get a new phone every 2 years anyway
Any modern MBP models that won't break over nothing? I know the 2016 models are a disaster.
I have a decent amount of iMacs I bought from surplus shenanigans just to learn on them for work, but I did have a quick question about moving them around: is it possible to take off the stands? Everywhere I've seen it basically depends on age etc but I figured I'd get a second opinion.
I'm really hoping Steam is able to adjust the steam link app so it works on IOS.
Not spending another year with them wires: https://i.imgur.com/3z560bI.jpg Oddly enough they were a bit dirty, from a premium retailer. Can anyone here relate?
I've used the AirPods now almost exclusively for like 3 weeks and I cannot go back to wires now. Even my headset at home for my PC is bulky and the cables get in the way. I've tasted freedom and now I can't get enough of it
Depends on model year. The brand new ones can be factory configured for VESA but I’m sure you can figure out how to DIY. The iMac Pro has a user removable stand but they used some really lousy screws that can snap so be super careful if you ever find one. One one another note I think that the iMac Pro will be one of those computers I want in ten years as a neat little thing kinda like how people keep the old G3 and G4 computers. The 2013 Mac Pro too. Everyone makes jokes about the latter’s design but I think it was a hint of the old Apple peeking through.
I really hope valve doesn't abandon steam on Lion. My macbook 4.1 can't be upgraded past that
Did a bit of research and it seems you can unofficially install at least Mavericks by just copying a few kexts and deleting a file from the Installer. May even be able to get Yosemite or El Capitan running. Maybe I'm wrong and you've looked into this, but the cutoffs from Apple are sometimes arbitrary and you can get it running anyway with some tricks.
Yeah, from my research, some folks got Yosemite / Mountain Lion running on it, however, without any kind of graphics acceleration, it juts runs really slow. Apple did shitjob with GMA X3100 Kexts. For instance, GMA 950 runs better than X3100 at any macOS version even if it's inferior hardware-wise. Fuck Apple for doing those things, i mean, i can install the latest windows 10 version on this mac (and guess what, runs better than the official supported OS thanks to intel drivers) and have all the latest and greatest software on this machine, but apple just fucks it all over their own platform. Big issue is the trackpad driver on windows, it's all jumpy and trackpad++ doesn't support this mac
I recently bought a MacBook for the first time in my life. Only had an iPad Mini 2 before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHVOxgj3ufM Is this normal? MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) OS: High Sierra 10.13.5 Processor: 3,1 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Harddisk: 256 GB SSD (About 50 used currently, with 200 being free) Graphics card: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB If this is the premium experience, I should have never bought it. I was thinking of getting a Surface Book or Surface Pro but I read so many times how fluent and smooth Apple's hardware is.
Ngl I haven’t had a good OS X experience since 10.11 and before that 10.9. Downgrade to 10.12 if possible, 10.13 has always been terrible.
Resizing web browser windows is often slow, different CSS rules take place for different sized viewports and some websites have JavaScript that runs when you resize the window, I've found this slow on macOS, Linux and Windows. However scrolling shouldn't be slow, what browser was this on? Have you tried on Safari? Are you using Preview to scroll through PDFs or another application?
Man, I want to get the AirPods but only one thing is holding me back: It doesn't fit tight enough for me. I tried them from my cousin's husband and it's really nice, but they still feel loose, even thought hey won't fall off if you move your head fast. The problem is when someone bumps you and that force causes it to fall of super easily. I'm really hoping if they made Air Pods 2 that it's slightly thicker, but I don't know the latest rumor on what the next one might be.
I use Acrobat Pro with the Adobe Creative Cloud for scrolling. As for website scrolling I tried it on Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
There's rumors of some IEM-style earpods, those could suit you better. Otherwise, depending on what it is you like about the airpods, there's a couple Beats offerings that are pretty good that might suit.
Hopefully that's true. Also my iPhone is still on iOS 10. Been extremely lazy on updating it as I haven't checked if they fix that whole security exploit that 11 had or something.
At this point you might as well wait till iOS 12, since 12 offers some really nice improvements including visible performance improvements, which is also helped by the fact that you don't always have to wait until an animation completes before you can interact with the screen (e.g. going back to springboard)
Not a fan of my 2017 MBP. I've had around 3 other MacBooks over the last 10-15 year and generally they've been decent, but the new one is pretty meh. The touchbar is a pain and I always accidentally skim it and perform random actions. The keyboard broke within a month (a small number of keys will sometimes double click/not register) - the issue with this is I know to getting it repaired will leave me without a laptop for probably at least a week. The new keyboard in general is shit and the keys constantly stick. The glass panel under the screen has cracked in two places, once was my bad (something was left near the hinge as it was closing, though the force needed was pretty much 0), another crack without knowing how it happened. Last night I tried to boot it up and it wouldn't power on, by the looks of things I'd guess the logic board is dead. Somehow I miraculously got an appointment for this morning, but its still a massive pain in the ass. Now I'm probably looking at not having my laptop for 8-10 days, assuming they don't try to claim it as liquid damage (which it isn't). I don't even think it is backed up so I'm looking at losing the last few weeks of data (which is pretty minimal to be fair).
I haven't been a bog fan of the latest Macbook either, so once my current one dies for good, I'll just get a Mac desktop. I hope those rumours about the Mac Mini getting a refresh is true, as that would be perfect for me as I use Mac to do everything else aside from gaming of course, nothing heavy task so I don't need a lot of power.
I have a lower-end mac mini and I'm not sure what I can do with it. I might take it to college with me next year just so I have a desktop I can do work on, but it's a bit slower than I'm comfortable with.
They make really nice little servers.
Super flexible and relatively easy to set up: Why you want a macOS home server, and how to get one going
I had one for a bit, but I decided I really couldn’t use it in the way I wanted. Just know that macOS Server is a scam, since 10.12+ have File Server built in.
Skeuomorphism needs to make a comeback, especially with Apple products. Google has done a great job with material design and responsiveness. Apple is behind in my opinion.
Material Design isn't skeuomorphic though? Or are you just making two separate points? In a way, I liked skeuomorphic design, but I can see why they went away from it. Why do you think they're behind?
I would argue that Material design is a new generation of skeuomorphism. Each panel is supposed to represent a material with semi-realistic shadowing. It's representing real world pieces of material in an abstract way. http://assets.manualcreative.com/uploads/2014/09/Google_Material-Design_2-2998x1998.jpg http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--vEGf5mhF--/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/1273613430446819394.gif
Holy fuck I booted up my old iPhone 4S today and iOS 6 is so much better. It’s so much smoother and faster than my 6S and looks great to boot.
I just bought a used (2017) Ipad and since I'll be using it predominantly to listen to things/watch movies and the like, is there a function that turns off audio in the situation that my headphones are unplugged?
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