• Android Thread - Give It Up, Headphones Jacks are Dead.
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http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/33/1439166701-droidthread.png https://i.cubeupload.com/eR3w53.png News and Reviews Android Police - A personal favourite. Tons of app reviews, updates and recommendations. Android Authority Cnet’s Android Atlas Engadget The Verge - Lots of exclusives and fancy looking videos. 9to5Google - 9to5Mac, but for Android & Co! Anandtech - Less updates, but their editorials for phones are just as amazing and exhaustive as their PC hardware reviews. Forums and Misc. Bullshit Google Play Store - Roll up, roll up, get yer apps here! F-Droid - Botnet free apps! XDA Developers - The worst place ever but the main hub for custom ROMs for phones, don't expect any help from actual development. Android Design Guidelines (#Holo #Yolo) Pick the Perfect ROM for Your Device. Android subreddit on Reddit http://www.android.com/ - more info on Android Quick tips: 1. If you want custom ROMs, head over to your device's subforum on XDA, most every phone has a good AOSP ROM you can download. Yes, even the sk17a! 2. Rooting your phone is probably unnecessary for most users. Android is pretty open even on phones like the sk17a - rooting simply gives you greater command over the OS for certain power-usery tasks. It's also handy for custom ROMs, which is why they're rooted out of the box (or whatever you get your ROMs in these days, idk) 3. Custom ROM wise, options that are good for starters include CyanogenMod (which is available on most every phone and on which tons of derivatives are based), AOKP (like CM, but with a ton more config options), MIUI (surprisingly decent chinese iphone ripoff) and Paranoid Android (allows you to change your UI between tablet and phone layouts per app, it's totes amaze). Many of these are even available on the sk17a! 4. You don't need a task manager. Android kills processes automatically and considering the ridiculous amount of RAM flagship phones have these days it probably doesn't need to do even that. If you do feel your phone slowing, you can just use android's built in task manager that dismisses stuff nice and cleanly if you ever need that function. 5. You don't need an antivirus. Any app that wants to execute something malicious will a) have to notify you that it's downloading, which you'll have to accept and b) need you to manually install it. All you need to remember is not to download random APKs and then you don't need the hassle of something running 24/7 scanning your phone and sapping your precious battery. 6. Android phones work best with a google account. You probably have one already if you use gmail or youtube and they come with numerous benefits like app, contact and calendar syncing, easy payment and auto sign in to google services. It's so useful not to have to back up your contacts every time you change phones/wipe your data. It also comes in handy if you lose your phone. 7. How much stuff do you carry around on your phone? You probably don't need a microSD card if you don't carry around the whole of The Ascent of Man in 4k, and you shouldn't let removable storage sway your purchase from a beautiful sleek HTC One to a horrible plasticky Galaxy S4 unless you habitually use more than the ~32/64GB that flagship phones these days offer. 8. We have our own Hangouts FP Circlejerk! Send a private message to garychencool with your gmail account and why you would want to join. 9. Want a good phone on a budget? The hivemind answer will mostly be the Moto G or a used yesteryear's flagship. Post Limit of 5,000 1000 occurred. Copied from Sam Za Nemesis ( This OP really needs rewritten. Some shit is really outdated, phone models can easily be replaced but stuff like Cyanogenmod, the ROM picker, need replaced. Does anyone even use the hangouts circlejerk ? I'll likely post a draft soon, if anyone has suggestions (ie, links) feel free to post them )
I bought an Iphone so I could face time my girl. Miss my android dearly
I will never forgive you
Bought a Oukitel K10000 Max a while back cause of my good experience with another China phone and man, this battery life https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/475/2be1a736-2953-4d66-82b1-c58270b513ef/image.png This is with heavy/moderate usage.
I like the picture by the way.
Give me headphone jack or give me death.
Ho damn, I'm amazed at how cheap these china phones are for the features they bring. How's performance? It says the CPU is low power and energy efficient, how does that affect the performance?
You can take my headphone jack from my cold dead hands, I'm never buying a phone without one.
Nice to see the sk17a meme is still alive in the OP after all these years. @garychencool
Never had any issues with any app other than Google Maps for some reason, everything else is pretty smooth, not flagship smooth but good enough 4 me.
I really miss my android boys. It's so much easier to [del]steal[/del] download music.
I'd add 'want root? then fucking use magisk!" to the op also aokp is almost dead, and replace cyanogenmod with lineageos
For ROMs I would probably just direct people to their device forums on XDA, since it just completely depends on the device you have now.
How did we end up with a shithole like XDA being the main hub for custom ROMs. Where did the human race go so wrong?
XDA used to be very good, got my iPaq upgraded to WM6.5 and done a lot of great things there now it's part of the reason why I avoid Android altogether One time when I was trying to build hybris I asked the guy to release the manifest for his development and the response I have got from a shithole was "WHY WOULD YOU EVEN WANT TO USE IT, SGT ROM 4.4 IS MUCH MORE STABLE AND FASTER THAN THIS"
I feel like if more communities adopted the Facepunch-style of moderation that there would be a lot less drag. The whole "infraction" thing never works. XDA is a swamp of leeches that is probably too far gone to be saved.
Hey. I wanted to buy my mom a new phone but I'm not sure what to go with. I need something mid-range and cheaper than $300. It will be mainly used for WhatsApp, Facebook, and other such bullshit. Something with solid brand would be great, I don't want to gamble on some dumb Chinese brand like Xiaomo or whatever it is called. Any suggestions?
I'd suggest checking one of Samsung's J series, Nokia phones, both 2017 and 2018 ones got awesome build quality, most (or all? idk) are android one, but most of them got one problem, HMD can't get their shit together and allow people to unlock the bootloader neither publish kernel sources, so forget any customization, should be great for your mother, just keep that in mind
Anybody use Verizon's Message+? I have an LG G6 and after the latest update (to what I believe is Oreo 8.0) my battery life has been cut drastically. Low and behold Message+ is devouring upwards of 50% of my battery in 2 days, with only like 12 minutes of active use. Any ideas of what's going on?
Anyone else really hate that Android P has the time on the left right now? Like seriously, at least make it an option. Whole point of it being on the right is so you can have all your status/info things on the right and notifications on the left, neatly organised. This kinda shit makes me want to punch children: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/281515/924816c9-8695-467a-b59c-e82086b86e0a/gdWcFY4dUvmduhVuZQf54H-650-80.jpg
I'm trying to find a way to get rid of my bloatware on my new T-Mobile S7, I've found that rooting doesn't seem to be possible. I did however find a post on XDA Dev forums from 2016 on an app that piggybacks on the KNOX permissions to disable packages, however I'm a bit skeptical of it. Has anyone seen/heard of this app before?
pixel 3 is guaranteed to have a notch this frees up space on the right for everything to fit
On the flipside I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't mind this so much It looks more balanced and unless you're the type who doesn't clear their notifications ever it doesn't really change much anyway
That's google for you, fucks the whole OS for everyone just so their special snowflake phone looks a bit nicer. No SD card in the Pixel? Better gimp SD card support. Notch on the Pixel? Better fuck the status bar for everyone else. What's next? Removing analogue audio output because the Pixel lacks a 3.5mm jack?
never heard of the app, but I suggest this method connect the phone to your PC (have ADB & drivers installed) open a command prompt type "adb shell" you'll need to know the package name of whatever you want to get rid of, you can use "pm list packages" for that to list all packages, or be more specific using "pm list packages | grep 'searchthing' ", replace searchthing with app name, part of it or oem name use "pm uninstall -k --user 0 <package name>" this will uninstall the app for the current user only, you can not delete the app from the system without root, but this should do the trick.
Well... there's another thing I'm kinda against too. I just feel like it's completely counterproductive cutting bits out the screen just so there's less bezels - isn't the point of less bezels so you can have more screen? It's a cyclic argument because no matter what you do, you don't really gain much more useful screen space, let alone the many practical issues a notch can cause like for content designed for normal screens (which is hmmmm... all of it?). Just a bit annoyed really that "just because iPhone did it" the rest of the industry is following its frankyl worthless gimmicks. Guess that's business sense but it goes against technological progress. Oh yeh, one more thing: as I believe someone else has mentioned, it's not like this is limited to just notch phones. It's on by default. On everything. This does not provide any benefit for non-notch phones which still contributes for the vast majority of phones on the market which may run Android P. I just hope they make this an option or something, then everyone's happy. I suppose you have a point. I am extremely OCD about closing my notifications as soon as I've read them, unless I absolutely need them to stay there. I just liked how simple and intuitive the original system was of managing to fit all this information on the status bar yet it still being organised. i really thought that was one of Androids big pros with UI design and I'm just sad it's being fucked about with.
right now bezel-less has a lot of sacrifices. if you're able to tuck notification stuff into the ears, you've freed up a bit of space for content without making the phone size bigger
Thanks for the reply. I did a little more digging and found an app that's on GitHub called SABS, pretty handy as its a Adblocker AND package disabler. Seems like my battery has improved a bit by disabling some bloat and services I don't need/use.
What's the general consensus on the pixel 3? I've got an original Pixel XL and it's showing signs of aging. It's battery is pretty much shot.
well it exists no one knows really what it's going to look like, XL will probably have a notch
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