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Do you guys think it's worth getting the Pixel 3 for the purposes of knowing it's an Android phone that will work, and continue work for a number of years without fault?
Knowing Google's track record? No, not really.
It's got a whole range of hardware and software issues.
My Z2 Play got updated to Oreo yesterday (late af I know) and I've noticed that the nav buttons kinda shift around a bit for some reason. It's an incredibly minor detail but I tend to notice it. I looked online and saw some other people complaining, and someone said its actually intentional, introduced in Oreo, for the nav buttons to shift around against your will after every lock to prevent burn in. I don't know how much I believe that, but I can't find much else on the web about it. Nobody seems to notice, or it's just a small handful of people that it happens to have the problem. So basically has anyone else noticed this on your O device? Is there a way to turn it off?
If it's an AMOLED device that's forced to prevent burn-in of the nav buttons. Just kinda deal with it, I guess. Or install a custom ROM if you can.
hi as someone who just got his pixel 3 the photos bug they're probably going to fix in next security update and will likely also fix the memory management (they changed the garbage collection daemon). speakers can probably be resolved via EQ stuff
I got my myself a Pixel 2 recently. Is it just me or is it a fucking mess to put some fucking music folders onto the phone to be able to listen to them? No adapter to connect to PC, you can't download folders, only single songs. Why is it so hard?
I remember getting an Android phone for the first time thinking "hell yeah, finally syncing music is as easy as connecting using USB, and copying files over" - then it turned out OnePlus 5's USB speeds are horrible, and I ended up using FTP Wi-Fi transfer
Yeah, it's genuinely easier to just use an FTP server or something MTP is hot garbage
Did you know there's literally no way to transfer files between accounts without root/internet? Not evene sd cards work.
Yeah I would have been cool with a file manager type application. I'm pretty sure that exists with ADB, but it would be nice to have something official. I mean that's what MTP does, but shittier.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237053/d86c9b54-213c-486d-aad8-09d542286eb6/Lackpunkte.JPG Does somebody know if this can be fixed at a repair station? Bought my Pixel 2 on monday and it's missing some paint already. I'm really annoyed, since I don't have the phone for long and it wasn't cheap. I have no idea how this happened. It never fell on the floor, no scratches on display, nothing except the missing paint. And since it's the Just Black version I notice it more.
it's just a superficial scratch, why stress over it. normal wear and tear
Get a case?
I've only really had two Android phones - a Nexus S, which I switched to an iPhone 5 after it became slow as shit, and this XZ Premium, which I got because Win10M died. Both have had weird problems that I didn't experience on either iOS or WP8.1/W10M phones (charging port becoming loose, extreme slowdown, phantom touch input, odd call dropping.)  I'm looking for an android phone that just 'works'. Good camera, good battery, that will last a while and with as little problems as possible. Oh, and global bands, please.
I'm just a bit mad about myself and how I got that scratch considering that it's not even been one week since I got it. I think I'll get over it. I purchased two as soon as I got it from Amazon. One wasn't great to use and the second is yet to arrive. Local electronic stores don't have any, unfortunately.
If you don't care about customization and advanced stuff (root and all) then definitely get a nokia, I'd say nokia 7 plus
Hey remember that phone I got a really good deal on They sent me a phone case
So Night Sight on the Pixel 3 is pretty great. Regular: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132660/8b7bec05-6429-45c3-bd7d-bc6dee173bbc/IMG_20181023_195025.jpg Night Sight: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132660/63b9b4af-398c-4303-9aa5-cfdbd900e062/IMG_20181023_195031.jpg Normally you can't see anything aside from some of the lights but Night Sight did its magic and the rest of the island appeared: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132660/e39d638e-6535-4f60-9055-89de275ba660/IMG_20181024_214145.jpg After a couple comparison shots, I just stopped and stuck with Night Sight for anything in the dark.
I've heard the camera on that isn't that great; also unsure if 4GB is good in a few years.
Note 9 is probably gonna be your best bet if you're willing to pay the premium. Samsung's gotten much better about device support overall over the past few years (but they're still often rather slow to update to new Android versions) Unfortunately no Android OEM really supports their phones for longer than 2-3 years...except maybe Xiaomi? But the efficacy of their security updates is not exactly documented The Mi Mix 3 when it comes out might be worth looking into as well.
If it wasn't for the band limitations, I'd still be rocking the 1+1. As great as a phone it was, I was getting no reception except practically everywhere that wasn't outside in an urban area. Ever since getting the 1+3T I've wanted something that matched what I'd consider a good looking phone with specs that I care about. Before the 1+1 released. I didn't really care about smartphones and only considered the iphone 4/5 to be good looking phones. Then the 1+1 came around with specs that made no compromises, a price tag that almost seemed bafflingly low and a physical design that practically demanded my gaze. I have not seen another phone that caught my attention like that. The only thing that comes close is the Razer phone. Ever since the iphone 6 came out it feels like everyone's been copying apple and coincidentally I think everyone iphone made after the 5s looks terrible. Anti-subtle rounded corners to me look bad, but the bulged edges that the iphone 6 started and is now in practically in every modern flagship to me look hideous. I've had the 1+3T for two years now and while I think it does look better than most modern flagships, I've wanted to replace it with something as good looking as the 1+1 since the day I got it. I would've immediately gone back to the 1+1, but I needed a phone that'd actually get reception. At this point, unless there's some way to put new hardware into the 1+1 chasis, I'm probably gonna get a used razer phone on ebay for $250 or something. Like, fucks sake I just took a look at a bunch of 2017/2018 smartphones and I feel like I'm comparing a bunch of pt-cruisers with corvette price tags. Except for maybe the note 8 and 9. Honestly the two reasons why I'm ranting about this are 1. I can't believe after 4 years I've only seen one other phone that I'd consider buying because I think it looks good physically and on paper and 2. People are calling all these bulge-edged rounded corner phones sleek when they look like they couldn't be further from it unless they were trying to be the old palm pre from 2010. God damnit why did people copy the iphone 6 and not the oneplus one? Hell, why did oneplus copy the iphone 6 and not the oneplus one? I hope I'm not alone in this sentiment because all the goddamn reviews I see online make me feel like I am.
Is a Moto G5S Plus for 125€ refurbished a good deal or should I just spend more on a more recent phone / wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
A week is long enough to get bare minimal wear and tear on the screen and body. Get a minimal thinskin case if it's that big of a deal. Imo worn look on tech and tools shows you're putting the money you invested into your purchase to good use.
So my wifes S9 camera has been acting it up. Like it wont open at all, and it will say something went wrong. Any solution?
You might have already tried this, but did you try another camera app? Could just be that the default camera app is broken for whatever reason.
Anyone have a reason I shouldn't get the V40 Thinq for $679. My main priorities are high quality audio and a long lasting device.
so now that it's been confirmed that Jim Jannard's pet project is a dumpster fire (red hydrogen one), I got some q's can you root the galaxy note 9? are there system-wide adblockers like adaway that don't require root? how hard is it to do a software update on a rooted oneplus phone? currently eyeing the oneplus 6t and galaxy note 9
Answers to your question: Yes Blokada - https://blokada.org/index.html Not sure
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