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Just have an external charging point? That's what pretty much everyone has over here.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1755/74c12d73-af39-4e46-8f37-8bc33d98feed/image.png nice
I believe our HOA forbids that kind of thing. Also in our neighborhood I'd imagine it'd be stolen or something.
Ah okay fair enough. I really couldn't imagine one being stolen though due to their attachment to the property
I’d like it if all HOAs died.
1 minute past, Gamers Nexus starts up the OC stream. 8 minute past, 3DMark's website is dead. That didn't take long, they really should look into making the Hall of Fame actually work with some users trying to access it.
I've really been enjoying the OC war. I hope Steve does more with exotic cooling and extreme overclocking in the future because he's definitely got the know how for it.
https://i.imgur.com/VTyDg7J.png joined the ryzen club
God dammit. A bunch of LEDs on my K70 RGB just shat out and now caps lock, A S D V B N and M are deathly hot pink when the rest of the keys are white. Tried everything, it's fucking busted. Dammit Corsair, I trusted you!
He said that was their last stream in a while, they need to get back to making regular content. Maybe in the future, get some LN2 going.
Are Google's IME for Windows still maintained? Thinking about it for test cases
Is it still possible to activate Win10 with a Win7 key? Does it have to be previously unused (on a Win7 installation)?
It worked for a friend of mine a few weeks ago.
Got new battery, cleaned off the terminals with a wire tool. Starts up just fine and let it idle for 10minutes, sat right down to 14.3v. So my alternator seems to be fine, not cooking the battery.
It does still work, even though Microsoft themselves say it doesn't afaik
Yep, you can still use em. I still have some Windows 7 keys if people need em.
Glad you got it figured out easily! Now you've got a big battery to mess with.
I licensed Win10 using a Win7 Pro key found on the bottom of an abandoned elite book, seems to work still
If you keep giving out keys until Jan 14 2020, you'll have been giving away keys past the OS's support cycle. Windows 7 still feels like yesterday, even though I stopped using it 6 years ago.
I still think Windows 7 should've gotten the rolling release treatment that Windows 10 is getting.
I still have so many that I probably could go until 2020.
How the fuck can I get to user Docker on my personal computer? Do I really fucking need a Pro/Server license to use that Hyper-V pile of garbage? Windows 10 is driving me fucking nuts, not only this garbage is slowing me down windows keep installing and reactivating shit I disabled. Not only that, I have no idea why, but Windows 10 without an SSD is by far the sluggiest experience I've ever seen. Spent all this fucking cash on a new notebook and now I'll need to fork some more for a NVMe drive because otherwise this computer will drive me nuts, even my other pile of garbage notebook runs better than this.
hyper-v is designed for enterprise level virtual machines because there's no host OS anymore. the windows you use on a day to day basis is also running on the hypervisor so yes
HyperV is awesome cmonbrother And your notebook has a harddrive, but not room for a SATA SSD? Would be just as snappy 90% of the time, much easier to install and maybe cheaper.
I can either swap my internal hdd for an ssd, or install an m2 drive alongside it. Either that or spend much more than I'm willing to. Also I'll know if Hyper-V is really all that awesome as soon as I get myself more room on my desktop to install more crap on it, since that's the only Pro windows key I have. I mean, I don't -need- an NVMe drive, yeah, but if I'm saving cash I might aswell wait to see if they drop some and become more affordable. Upgrading my Desktop's drive is still higher in priority rn, and there's only so much cash one can spend.
The most important skill to have with HyperV is how to move a VM off that shit and onto ESXi.
I got a nvme and its barely noticeable in real world application over a decent SSD. Im using it to load my OS and core applications.
Been using a 960 EVO 500GB as my OS drive for almost a year now. It feels like the IO bottleneck now is NTFS, and not the drive. I did some beta testing for KiCad's 5.0 release, had one of the maintainers ping me on IRC and ask me to install the build. I always downloaded the full build artifact from Travis if available, and I would let it install all the library files - small files, in the kilobytes, but a shitload of them. Took absolutely forever. Same shit with just copying files using Windows Explorer.
Temperature changes kill the ADSL line, and rain kills LTE. Of course the weather forecast for the next week is a rollercoaster of temperature changes, and nothing but cloudy weather. I really need to look into the pricing for 4G modems, unlimited 100Mbps LTE is 24.90€/month for a year and then 29.80€/month after that. Could probably get good enough signal with a good external antenna.
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