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I've had my own studio microphone for a while now, but I haven't really gotten to use it. I've been told to get a Mixer or preamp or whatever to help with how loud people can hear me, I was wondering if anyone got any suggestions for a preamp w/ power for the microphone and a desk grip or holder as well? Please and thank you? I don't know shit about these studio microphones and what I need to make them sound nicer and clearer etc.
Budget?: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ScarlettSoloG2--focusrite-scarlett-solo https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/GFWMIC0250--gator-frameworks-gfw-mic-0250-mini-tripod-desktop-mic-stand More expensive arm https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/BlueCompass--blue-microphones-compass-boom-arm What mic do you currently have? You won't need much more than this. Close to your face as possible. Further away works but will reduce the amount of bass in your voice and will pick up more of your room making it sound more airy. Use a basic audio program to help you set a comfortable level or just get a friend's help on discord and ear it.
Around 150 in total?
Okay then - I stick by my recommendations. You won't need anything more than that. Can I ask what microphone you currently have? You can get a little more bang for a little more buck if you get the 2i2 instead which, on Amazon is only a few bucks more over the Solo. This might be a bit more flexible compared to the previous one I recommended for a couple more bucks.
I got a Audio Technica AT2020 for a microphone.
Cool yeah then that should all work out. The Focusrite is a great quality preamp for the money and is great for driving headphones as well.
Good advice from @redBadger , would suggest you pay the extra for 212i.
I'll give it a buy here next week when I get paid. Thank you Both of you.
(Anecdotal experience incoming) One of my friends went from a 2i2 to the Presonus iTwo (iirc, pretty sure that's the model), ended up liking it a lot better (think he had some stability issues with the 2i2). I've recorded quite a bit of stuff with both of those cards (guitar/bass, vocals and brass), and I would've say we haven't really had any issues with either. Think we've had to reboot/replug the 2i2 a couple of times, but nothing that wasn't easily fixed. They have pretty similar feature sets (if not identical), and the PreSonus is also a bit cheaper, so it's worth considering imo. I'd say you'd be happy with either, though.
I have a Zoom U-24 for an AKG C1000s that's as old as I am. It works well but people always complain that I'm really quiet on Discord and the likes even though the levels are perfectly okay in Audition or Audacity. Would a 2i2 be better?
First of all, check your input settings in discord (if you haven't already). I doubt the Zoom is unable to peak your AKG, especially if the issue is isolated to discord. Maybe turn it up more when you're in discord (I suppose a little peaking is acceptable if your friends can hear you)? You could try something like VoiceMeeter to get more control over how the signal is handled after it leaves the sound card. Either way, I'm certain you can solve this issue without investing in a new sound card.
Check if it has a -10db pad. Make sure that's turned off otherwise you'll be losing a lot of volume. It could also be as simple as you no speaking into the microphone correctly. If none of those work, go into Audacity or something and crank the gain until you get solid levels. Mine are usually fairly high for people to hear me clearly on discord, around 1 to 2 o'clock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZYhDZfxS7U
Is it because the mic is like 1ft away from my face? I have it next to my monitor pointed at my face with the "shotgun adapter" thing over the diaphragm. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/UDHT7XIMu33Y6zJ10SmzK2p664WiZ8S-WffEIOBiEAcJGTWZs4FwFtlEVP1OD8aJYqSblX3b7M_MnAYt8RhF9MifcD6Bqae1Ehflz-cOJROTXguWqNTD7jRnPOz5e_YzmY5DXWXBeK_FBjkk86a_epynhFsCmcpS6HcqKLkr4oLVy37mRQm3D1Fg6fKBrdlooSAWTx2LuPNLj05r3T3d1OCBz-lYE6TpG4VZoLpUHCPd0QWYYysKAeS_4wniiijoUBDixtILSd9asHewXJ9zXNnZBBxUPje0R1sPC07gS6QHHL3ZIuFtRfEMt6PUXtOUx9mP17kyfYWQNbTpjYyPmQ5D0j1MLO8bbKRbnNj9pwIO3U8eczSTTK3satBALQYax3GitCtebJofbbrCr3-aPp68zANKh8uZoTvppnmrp6lNvm3WTnV_XwwBAJxVLguYTnEUUlRMvz2VYJ_au1AnT0zhS9T1hs-47iee_Q2hFKE5mVpW-YChVr9Nrgcpnsorx4Fi9uHvVU2IB75hdUx3kyWXS5DSA6JkF8oolXi3ArXm4wp-8hHcXpisLcRkEs7d5dvQ75WONeGsKXPccUOMRR0EVLAKqnOBeRrIZC-47wIkMLsJuP5xFBhaGKOSHQa6LsgKNT-hRvMmF1zKOa6kXIDdmw1mMMSHO-ODcItCK5CIY_dfHJscv4rX=w1214-h910-no
Could be. I know I have to crank mine to get it good. What's your current gain stage? I would say talk to someone in discord and then crank it until you get a good volume without distorting. Check discord input monitor in the mic settings.
If you're getting levels up to 0dB in audition & co, no. But regardless, unless that's an actual shotgun mic you are using this is bad practice. Because you're so far from your mic, you'll be adding in so much ambient noise that you may as well be using a phone placed on a table. You should have that mic as close as you as possible.
Also yes make an attempt to get it as close as possible. It doesn't have to be in front of your face blocking the screen, maybe offset it a hair to the left like it is now and you'll be okay.
Gain is cranked as far is it will go. It only peaks if I raise my voice and lean in. Switching Phantom power on and off doesn't seem to do anything.. Could it be my Mobo not giving it enough juice?
Put it as close to your mouth as possible. Some microphones are notorious for not picking up voices that well. The problem is definitely nothing eelse but mic position
Audio Technica AT2020 is a good microphone
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