• Bought an unused Crt monitor on ebay
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Hi facepunch a few days ago I bought an unopened Samsung syncmaster 753Df monitor on ebay to play my retro games on. The monitor is in mint condition. I'm wondering if a vga to hdmi adpter would allow me to connect it to my computer? If that dosen't work I could also buy a vga to dvi converter as well. Any ideas? this is the first crt monitor I've ever owned so I don't know if a converter would work or not. I've used a vga to dvi converter in the past for an lcd monitor but I'm not sure if it would work with a CRT monitor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
What ports are on the back of the monitor, and what ports are on your computer?
Yes, you can use an HDMI to VGA converter. However, if your graphics card is a GTX 980 Ti or older, you would be much better served with a passive DVI-I to VGA adapter.
I have a gtx 1070 with a dvi-d dual port would it be a better option to use a dvi-d to vga converter or will a HDMI to VGA be good enough?
They'd basically the same. You're converting from digital to analog either way. The image will be adequate, but might not "pop" as much as a native connection. And either way will introduce at least 1 frame of latency, though that shouldn't be too noticeable.
I personally would go with DVI to VGA, hell a lot of graphics cards come with them. Ive had better luck with DVI than HDMI
Also one less thing to buy and worry about breaking. Also a DVI-I to VGA adapter is like $2.
OP says their video card only has DVI-D, so those will not work. OP, your best bet is to pick up a HDMI-VGA converter. Just an adapter will not work because DVI-D is digital and VGA is analog, you will not even be able to physically connect a DVI-I to VGA adapter. It is also much easier to find a HDMI-VGA converter than a DVI-D to VGA converter.
Well I went down to the nearest computer store I could find and bought a vga to hdmi adapter plugged it in and got the monitor setup and was shocked and disappointed that the monitor's refresh rate was stuck at 30hz the colours are all washed out and the picture seems to be extremely blurry The blacks are nice though. I think I've been scammed the seller on ebay was selling the monitor as supposedly brand new and unused but it looks like it's seen a fair bit of use to me or my computer with Windows 10 is causing issues with the monitor. I should be fucking raving mad but I had a surgery done not that long ago and I'm feeling so sick that I don't feel like getting mad. Oh and I payed $210 for the monitor on top of it. I don't know if I could prove the seller is a scammer though because he's satisfaction rate is at 100% and he's sold plenty of other crt monitor's with positive reviews so I'm hoping it's either the adapter or something I can fix in windows 10 settings. The monitor flickers so badly it could give someone a seizure. There is no input lag though which is positive I guess. The crt is from 2003 by the way and I own a Toshiba crt TV which is 640x480 and it looks much sharper then this monitor appears on my computer so there must be something weird going on. I hope you guys can help me. Otherwise this puppy is going to the recycling center.
Looks like you might need to adjust the settings a little bit more, it could be that your PC could not obtain information like maximum resolution/refresh rate from the monitor because the monitor does not even provide it. Assuming you are using Windows 10, go to Settings -> System -> Display -> Advanced display settings -> "Display adapter properties for Display" for the CRT -> "Adapter" tab -> List All Modes. You should get a list of the display modes the graphics card supports, select "1280x1024, True Color (32 bit), 60 hertz" since that is native for your CRT.
Sorry for responding so late I got up late today I tried what you suggested but the picture on the monitor is still blurry and color's are all washed out it's really weird I've seen videos of the same monitor on you tube and the picture in the videos is crystal clear and the color is better then most modern monitors so I think the VGA to hdmi adapter i bought is crap or something I'm going to try another one or Windows 10 is messing with the monitor. Also every time I restart my computer the monitors refresh rate keeps getting reset to 30hz and flickers so bad if you look done you can see it flickering while looking done and it makes me nauseous because crt's need to be above 60hz or they cause eyestrain and headaches. Also the picture seems to get cut off as well and doesn't fit the screen properly. No matter what resolution I select. If another converter doesn't work I'm probably going to reformat windows 10 to see if that helps or not. Oh a d I almost forgot the screen is really blurry and pixelated and looks worse than an LCD something weird is going on.
Just sounds like a shitty converter to me. Try buying one a couple steps up on the price ladder. Bargain basement converters are often hit or miss.
It's very likely the converter's fault. Going by what daigennki said it's a lot like the monitors I got which are capable of 1280x1024@60 but I also managed to run them at: 1440x1080 60 Hz 1280x960 60 Hz 1024x768 89 Hz and 'wide' modes like 3840x960 60 Hz for emulating games with non-square pixel aspect ratios with retroarch. For retro gaming, it may be possible to just get a old cheapo gpu with analog out and avoid both problems with converters and latency.
Like above, If you’re trying to play retro games, I can recommend just getting a GT 1010, or whatever we’re on now, if you have a PCIe x16 slot free.
I heard something similar when I was looking to hook my old consoles up to my monitor. Apparently any old TV will do a better job than a converter unless you're willing to pay a lot. I didn't bother and eventually got a newer flatscreen crt tv from a family member.
It wasn't that cheap I payed $45.00 for it at the local computer store where I live And I don't have any extra pcie slots free in my computer so buying a diffrent GPU isn't an option either, I found this on the internet though https://www.staples.ca/en/startech-com-10-ft-dvi-to-vga-active-converter-cable-dvi-d-to-vga-adapter-1920x1200/product_1540560_1-CA_1_20001 Would this work better or would I have the same problem that I'm having now? Also would dual booting my computer with a copy of windows 7 for retro gaming be a better option? Then having to deal with windows 10 and trying to get the monitor to work with it.
$45 for a HDMI-VGA converter??? What a ripoff, I got one that works perfectly fine for $10 on Amazon. Just get one from amazon like this one http://a.co/d/49LLxRd
Ya this is the one I bought it was the only one they had I think it costs alot more because it can also carry audio as well which I don't need anyway so I'm going to return it tomorrow. When I saw how bad the picture quality and colour's were not to mention pixelated and blurry I assumed it was the monitor. It looked like a really bad LCD. I also looked up reviews for it and there dosen't seem to be any it's safe to assume it's most likely the converter is third party garbage. I'll try the one you suggested hopefully it will work properly. https://www.techly.com/en_ty/cable-converter-adapter-hdmi-to-vga-with-audio.html
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