• Wireless card no longer detected by laptop
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Hello, recently I moved and only have my travel laptop, but it no longer detects the wireless adapter for the machine and only shows Ethernet option in the network adapters. Now normally I wouldn't really care and just use the Ethernet, but the place I'm currently at does not have a single Ethernet port anywhere. I've tried just about everything I could find on how to try and fix it; updating the drivers, hard rebooting, draining the battery and fully charging it, network reset, scanning for hardware changes, updating/reinstalling the bios, nothing makes the computer detect the card. The only thing I haven't done is nuke the thing with a system reset The card is a killer network wireless 1535. When this issue started I don't know, the computer hadn't been used in about 2 months. Thanks in advance for any help.
Might be worth checking if it somehow got dislodged. Turn over the laptop, unscrew the panel off, locate the card, unscrew it, and reseat the card. It'll look like this, but will have wires connected to either golden contacts on the top. These usually connect to some antennas around the chassis of the laptop. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61a66toBDfL._SX355_.jpg But if that doesn't work you might have a toasted card and luckily you can find replacements for $10-20+~ depending on how cutting edge you want your card to be.
Yeah, I've already taken the back plate off and looked over a couple times it doesn't look like it's been damaged or anything. I've unscrewed the wires and screwed them back, but the card is sorta blocked off via plastic and I'd have to disassemble the entire thing to get to it. I genuinely don't know what it is and I might have to take it to a computer repair shop to get it figured out. The card might be fried like you said, which is a major bummer as I was hoping it wasn't anything actually physical. cheers for the quick reply.
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