• My laptop overheats to FUCK
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Alright so I just inherited a Toshiba Satellite Pro L770-145 which is IMO a pretty fine laptop for what I'm doing (uni work, mostly reports / coding) but the fucker overheats insanely. Like it gets to +80C (that's 176F) before, sometimes, cooling back down to 60C, which is kind of the idle temperature (which is stupid high for a idle temperature). What I was wondering was if there's really any way to (re)apply some thermal paste to the dude? It won't entirely fix everything, considering the MOBO also heats like fuck, but it should help. I do already have a "cooling plate" or whatever, by coolermaster, which is fine but it still overheats the laptop, even if put the fans directly below the air-intake. I'm not using the plate wrong am I? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114748/3d712407-4244-4567-b91a-a1300b5a4bf4/fml.PNG Heat and specs for those interested. (the 300GB HDD is simply an external HDD I have connected ATM).
Probably either the thermal paste finally going bad (drying up) or lots of hair inside. I'd open it up and clean it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw8XN7G_n18
Could also be that it's clogged up with dust, depending on how long you've had it.
I've definitely not, and neither has my dad AFAIK. That's really probably it, so looks like I'm either getting some thermal or taking it to a store (most likely :P ). Possible also, but my dad was usually pretty careful with that, tried to keep it in clean places and vaccum through the intakes/outtakes every once in a while to clear up dust. Still, I'll do that now, might serve as a temporary solution, alongside decreasing overall CPU performance (I've currently put it at 70% since I'm not doing anything super demanding right now), but that's definitely something I'm not looking foward to keeping.
Pretty normal temps for a laptop tbh, nothing to worry about
Maybe the idle ones, but once I'm using anything they bump up to 80C, which wouldn't be super terrible (I've worked with laptops going up to 100C!!!!) but this one shuts down after it hits 85C or so. I'm 90% sure it's the heat up that's causing it to shutdown considering it only happens when it's hot as fuck (and the fan's really speeding up) and that's it doesn't BSOD or even have the image freeze, the PC just straight-up shuts down.
That's not near TJmax so I'm not sure why it would shut down.
Considering it's not BSOD or image freezing I imagine we can rule out RAM or GPU/CPU problems. If it really isn't overheating what else would it be? The HDD? It's also not to do with the environment I'm in atm in case you might be wondering, it's currently 19C out (~66F). The only reason the temps scare me (besides being generally high) is that my desktop, which has only the CPU cooler and some thermal paste, idles at ~40C and, stressed, goes up to 60 something. The GPU idles at 50C and stressed goes up to ~70C, both of which are still lower than the laptop by 20C or so. I'm aware laptops are going to be more prone to heating than desktop since they are far more cramped and have a shorter air intake/outtake, and said air-intake is mostly covered by the surface (being like a inch or less from the surface in height), but still.
Well yeah, laptops have terrible cooling but are designed somewhat to take higher prolonged temperatures. Just have a look on google, a lot of laptops idle around 50-60 and max out at about 80c. I've recently stripped my lenovo Y500 down and replaced the thermal paste with kryonaut and it does the same as yours.
For a Sandy bridge and Fermi laptop? Really not uncommon.
if those are idle temps then yeah its bad, but many laptops have heating issues so you can't do much about it.
Any smokers in the house? Doesn't matter how clean you try to keep them/how often you blow the dust out, that tar sticks to fuckin' everything. The PC I built for my great-aunt started shutting itself off due to over-heating, even though the heatsink was "clean". Had to clean the whole thing with hot water and Simple Green. Runs like the day it was built, now.
Not really, but very interesting! I have since opened it up to clean it and well...it was kinda dirty. Guess we haven't cleaned in a while. Since cleaning, the temps have been slightly better, they decreased by like ~4-5C or so, which is pretty fine IMO. Thanks for all the help!
Use thermal grizzly liquid metal. Conductonaut. It took my GFS dad's PC from 76c idle to 33. Also, maybe give the entire heatsink assembly an IPA bath.
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