• Anybody here using a Xiaomi phone? Need to decide between Mi Mix 2 and Mi A2.
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My Nexus 5 died after 5 years (is that why they called it the Nexus 5?). I don't watch Netflix on the phone or a big load of videos, I make photos every now and then. Listening to music, using apps for travel, etc. Nothing too drastic which is why I'm looking for a medium priced phone instead of high class. Got around Xiaomi who is apparently a secret tip. I got my choice down to Mi Mix 2 and Mi A2 (after excluding phones like Google Pixel XL 1, BQ Aquaris X2 Pro, Xperia Z21 Compact, etc.) The Mi Mix 2 costs around 340 eu and is overall better than the Mi A2 but uses Xiaomi's own Ui while Mi A2 costs around 260 eu, is slightly worse but uses Android One. Suggestions and help are appreciated to decide between these two. Currently aiming 60% for Mi Mix 2 and 40% for Mi A2.
I do not have one myself but I did look into the Pocophone for someone. I found that depending on what LTE bands are in use around where you live you might run into issues getting signal. So just make sure that if you get a Xiaomi that you'll be able to get reliable signal.
My brother had a Nexus 5X that died a month after warranty ran out, he picked up a Xiaomi Mi A1. Haven't heard any complaints from him about it, but he doesn't do much with it to begin with. I'm currently using a Nexus 5X that has already died once and had the logic board replaced under warranty. Currently looking at the Huawei Honor 8X, it's looking to be 299€ over here and with rather impressive specs. Only thing it's really missing is NFC, and it uses microUSB instead of USB-C so that sucks, but the battery is huge for a midrange phone.
I was eyeing because of the low price and good performance but apparently the battery life is really bad. It's really putting me off :/
I have a Xiaomi Note 4 and it's pretty OK. I wrecked the screen, then the replacement screen (which wasn't too bad to install) just kinda started falling apart because it was a cheap aftermarket one from China. But don't be a moron like me and you'll be fine. The battery life is fantastic for a phone that cost me less than £100, totally blew my old iPhone out of the water. For the price, whatever you get with Xiaomi is going to be great. My only recommendation would be to ensure you get one with USB-C charging not micro-USB. I've replaced the charging board twice on mine and it's still just finicky as all hell. I really hate micro-USB.
Strange how other review sites called the battery life bad. I read how the A2 would be low on battery after a normal day while the Mi 2 would run for another.
my mix 2 last forever but i dont do much with it, it has 2d 16h on battery at 38% remaining charge with 4 hours SoT, when i got it alternatives were things like the pixel 2 which it shits all over in terms of value. have you used MIUI before? if you havnt you might want to look for a model with good custom rom support (mix 2 is supported by lineage) i dont mind MIUI and havnt replaced it because i dont want to lose my LINE history but its been on my todo list for months xaiomi are kinda lazy they have a million models and are slow to update them the mix 2 has much better LTE support, i used to have a xaiomi note 3 pro and in the UK LTE was patchy with it, only one band was widely used by the uk networks you might have similar problems with the a2
Do you mean the Mix 2 shits over it in terms of value or the Pixel 2 shits over the Mix 2 in terms of value? Was kinda hard to understand it. Possibly the latter, given that the Pixel 2 is expensive as fuck.
I always fear for older phones getting new OS updates becoming laggy. Happened with my Nexus 5. I was thinking of getting the Pixel XL.
I am never buying a flagship again. I was looking at xiaomi mid range phones cause all i do is web browsing on my phone or light apps like remote desktop
The battery on Mi A2 can't be called grwat, but it isn't bad either, the articles you're talking about were about a bug that caused all cpu cores to get stuck on max frequency on devices with a certain fp sensor, that bug was fixed a couple days ago with the second october patch Been using it for a couple months, it's pretty good, the camera is great
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